Boosting Your SEO? Dismiss Social Media At Your Peril!



When people talk about digital marketing, they’re often throwing around words like “organic” and “inbound.” A lot of budding business owners may be wondering what the heck these terms mean and how exactly this has anything to do with their business aspirations.

It’s actually fairly easy to get your head around, at least on a surface level. And, thankfully, they’re probably going to help highlight the importance of digital marketing techniques that you were probably going to use anyway!

The most popular digital marketing techniques for businesses both old and new involve both social media and search engine optimization. One mistake that many businesses make, however, is taking a “one or the other” approach to their digital marketing strategy. This is because many business owners don’t quite appreciate how these two techniques actually interweave and complement one another.

SEO and social media both require similar things to boost their efficacy. So while you may think that you should be placing a focus on SEO, which has been the “hot thing” in digital marketing for a while now, it’s important that you don’t lose sight of the importance of social media marketing – precisely because it helps SEO!



Back to those “organic” and “inbound” terms. Organic kinda is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a more ‘natural’ means of attracting people to your business, though obviously it still requires you to do a lot of tinkering and search engine-pleasing. The opposite of organic is paid – the traditional methods that see you pay for adverts for your business to appear on bigger websites.

The problem with these ads, though they can bring in a lot of users, is that many people ignore them outright. Organic sees you attract people more subtly by increasing your prominence on both search engines and on the social media scene.

Inbound is tied closely to the organic methodologies, though it can be achieved through the ‘less natural’ means, too. It refers to the methodology that sees strangers become customers and promoters through attraction, conversion, and delighting. Strangers become visitors, visitors become leads, leads become customers. And the right kind of customers become promoters!

You may already see just how much social media can help with the SEO approach to these methodologies. Not only are social media accounts prominently displayed when you search for a company on search engines, but many people are actually discovering businesses for the first time through social media. People share, like, and retweet the content that businesses post, especially when that content doesn’t seem overtly commercial.



The more fun and casual approach that social media encourages definitely helps you connect with people and get into their sphere of awareness. And this is precisely the goal of search engine optimization. So to dismiss one in favor of the other is looking like an increasingly foolish way of going about your digital marketing now, right?

It’s true that this does present something of a challenge for businesses. It’s becoming clear that they need to get involved with several methodologies instead of focussing on one. This is why you shouldn’t be afraid to get expert help with your marketing. It can be the best way to aid your business.

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