Happiness Is Key To Hard Work In The Office

Business people-showing teamwork

Business people-showing teamwork

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We don’t want to disneyfy the work environment but believe it or not, employees that are happy are likely to work harder. It’s a simple suggestion but one that holds true in vast amounts of research. Countless studies have shown that employees who are happy in the office are likely to reach a better level of productivity compared with other workers. What exactly does this mean for the business owner? Well, basically, you need to think about how to keep employees smiling and we’ve got some great ideas.

Reward Them

We mean that literally too and it’s a little trick that we picked up watching The Office. If you’re familiar with the TV show, every year the workers at the infamous office were given rewards for behavior throughout the year. It was a nice little tradition on the surface although in reality it was an excuse for the boss to mock his employees. That’s not what we recommend of course.

Instead, you should have a time for rewards in your office to honor real achievements. This shows employees what they have accomplished through the year and helps them feel appreciated. You can even purchase awards for your ceremony at www.martinawards.com or a similar site.

Stylish And Modern

Make sure your office looks like a great place to work. It should be stylish, modern and welcoming. If you do this, you’ll find that employees love coming in each day and appreciate the environment that you have created. You might want to look at a full office fit out provided by sites such as www.paramountinteriors.com. Working with an interior designer, you can turn your office into a place that employees are proud of and feel connected to.

Of course, it’s not just about the way the office looks. You need to think about how it feels as well. If you want your employees to be happy, you need to make sure they are comfortable through the working day. You can do this, simply by providing them with chairs that offer great back support. This will reduce the chances of them developing issues such as RSI. If health conditions such as this do develop workers will be unhappy and will have no reason to work hard.

Good Spirits

Don’t let your office become a place where bullying, harassment or emotional abuse prevails. You might think there’s no chance of issues like this in your office, but you’d be surprised. Bullying often develops in places where there aren’t strong leaders to stop it from happening. You need to keep a watchful eye on your office environment and ensure that no one feels like a victim.

If you don’t think you have time to keep a check on your office, you may want to use an HR team. You can find out about teams like this on www.europe-hr-solutions.com. They will help you look after the emotional health of employees and ensure no legal issues arise.

Using this advice, you can be sure that your office is a happy place to work for all employees.

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