There’s Only One Problem When You’ve Got A Sprawling Business Empire: Managing It

If you’ve got a sprawling business empire, then well done. Congratulations: you’ve done something that is hard to do and evades even some of the most successful local businesses. But now that you’re in multiple locations, you’ve noticed that you’re having a few problems.

Making your product consistent is tough: the people working at different locations have different ideas about how the company should operate. And you’re struggling with marketing too: the atmosphere in one location feels rather different to the atmosphere in another.




These differences can seem overwhelming at first, but with the right management and regular communication, they can be overcome. Take a look at these strategies for managing multiple locations and people.

Grab A Weekly Progress Report From All Locations

Company owners soon discover that different locations seem to have a mind of their own. Performance might be impeccable at the flagship store, but other outlets seem to lag behind for some unknown reason. It’s good in these situations to ask these other outlets to send in weekly progress reports. This helps to put numbers to the problem, enabling you to track progress through time. It’s a good way to make progress something that is objective and allows the strengths and weaknesses of each location to be assessed.

Manage Your Marketing Centrally

In the 21st century, a lot of your marketing will be online. But for businesses with multiple locations, the nature of online marketing changes depending on where outlets are situated. Marketing agency Kogneta emphasizes the importance of dominating both local and national search engine competitions as well as using hyper-targeted PPC advertising to generate business in the local area.

Companies that sprawl over multiple locations need to understand the regular SEO isn’t usually all that effective: it needs to be more targeted and specific to where they are located. Managing all this centrally helps to get more traffic and drive conversions.

Host A Party

When you’ve got multiple locations, staying connected to your employees and making them feel as if they are a part of a larger whole is difficult. Many businesses suffer when management and employees feel distant from the company’s HQ.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to make people feel a little loved by hosting parties several times a year. This is a chance for you to reinforce the company’s goals and give colleagues a reason to continue to work hard. It’s also an opportunity to show your gratitude for all the hard work that they have done over the course of the year and show your appreciation. This is an excellent way to build loyalty and get people to support your cause.

Keep things casual. Remember, it’s supposed to be a gathering where employees can feel relaxed and feel a part of a team striving for excellence.

Constantly Check In With Locations

It’s often much easier for a business owner to send a surrogate to check in with various locations, but this won’t give you a picture of how the business is operating. You need to see for yourself how staff are interacting with customers if you’re going to steer an outlet in the right direction.

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