Improve Workplace Collaboration With These Effective Methods


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Your business will be made up of various talented individuals. But while having a range of productive workers is helpful, your company can go even further if they pool their ideas together. It’s worth encouraging more collaboration in your workplace. Employees can work on projects in unison to create the best outcome.

A survey suggested that poor collaboration could kill your company. Of the business leaders and employees surveyed, 97% believed a lack of collaboration could impact the outcome of a project. Also, 99% of employees wanted more communication in their workplace. It’s clear that greater collaboration helps. So how can you achieve it? Here are some useful methods:


Provide Collaboration Spaces

Many offices attempt to encourage more collaboration by changing to an open layout. It involves taking workers away from cubicles and having them sit together in teams. While this may help somewhat, employees also want a private workspace sometimes.

To get the most out of your workplace, make constructive collaboration spaces for teams to converse. If you have space, you could create small meeting rooms. But you can also put some open spaces aside for workers to get together and communicate.

Equip your collaboration spaces with useful equipment. A whiteboard is fantastic for teams to brainstorm ideas. Having comfortable seats to sit around and talk will also help. If employees have a useful space to collaborate on projects, they will be more likely to do so.


Use Effective Communication Channels

When workers are collaborating across the office, they need quick and efficient ways to communicate. Most companies use email. But this isn’t necessarily ideal—people often miss emails and take longer to respond. Provide your employees with instant channels of communication for more collaboration.

A useful way to do this is to use VoIP solutions for businesses. Installing some VoIP telephones will enable fast inter-business communications. Your employees could also use VoIP software for productive video conferences, no matter how spread out they are in the office.

Social media can also be helpful in this regard. A team who are working on a project together could create a Facebook group to share useful information and send files. These communication channels can help a lot when employees aren’t able to drop what they’re doing and meet face-to-face.


Use Collaboration Tools

There’s a range of software tools available for greater workplace collaboration. Your company should take advantage of these to encourage your workers to work better together.

Look into some of the best tools for online collaboration. Many of these allow employees to create online meeting spaces to discuss projects. They’re also able to share documents and edit them as a team.

Online collaboration tools also make working together more efficient. They often use cloud technology so employees can use them from anywhere. You’ll see projects being handled much faster and with more communication.


Treat Everyone’s Ideas Equally

Your workers are much less likely to collaborate if they feel like they don’t influence anything. It can be a problem in many workplaces. Statistics show that 90% of employees feel as though decision makers need to seek other opinions before making a final call.

Everyone should feel like their ideas are valued. As a business owner, you should seek more opinions from employees and take their feedback on board. Make sure that you choose different team leaders for projects and encourage them to heed all opinions.

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