Turning That Woodworking Passion Into A Thriving Business

Having a passion that has a real place on the market is the key ingredient to a business that you can make a success out of. Wood items, from furniture to gifts, are very popular, too. But turning your woodworking hobby into a business requires more than just some skills with a chisel. Here, we’ll look at how to master that transformation and start making real money from it.


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Plan like a business

Starting a business requires more than just the skills and the products to market. It requires a plan that looks at how you’re going to budget your money and organize your efforts. You need a business plan. This helps you map out your path, finding milestones and potential growth that gives you a direction instead of just building and selling on the fly. It also helps you communicate your plan of action that helps you convince investors to fund your business.

Set up your shop

You’re going to need a workplace. Finding the right location is important, but consider whether or not you might already have it. If you woodwork as a hobby at home, perhaps in your garage, then it might only take a bit more work to tidy it up and make a real professional space. Then you could take care of the marketing and administration by setting up a proper home office.

Get equipped like a pro

If you’re planning on dealing with plenty of customers, then you’re going to need plenty of materials. Sticking to supply stores for consumers usually ends up costing you a lot more, however.

You need to reach out to real suppliers. You need to get in touch with bulk material providers and industrial adhesive suppliers. Do a bit of research and consider even asking your hardware store about who supplies them. While you don’t want to overstock, buying in bulk can reduce your costs mightily.

Selling in a modern world

Nowadays, one of the best ways to find your market is to sell online. People are willing and ready to buy bespoke furniture and decorations online. So consider which kind of storefront works best for you. Are you going to build your own ecommerce site or stick to stores like Etsy as a creator?

Shout it loud and proud

Regardless of how you setup your store, you have to develop one skill, in particular, that’s essential in online business. We’re talking about marketing. Advertising your custom woodworking business is all about finding yourself a space online as well in the real world.

Showcase your pieces often through social media and consider sending free pieces out to bloggers and influencers who can spread the word. Take the opportunity to set up a stall at seasonal markets and fairs, as well as making appearances at trade shows. You have to act as your own salesman, so do it often and loudly.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to find the right market for your pieces. People love wood products and they love those with personality and unique appeal. You just need to make sure you have the business infrastructure behind you to keep things running smooth.

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