Make Your Target Market Crazy About Your Product!




A lot of start-up owners think that after they’ve developed a product that everyone wants, the rest writes itself. While the product you’re selling will certainly have a lot to do with your overall success, there’s much more to it than that! After creating a solution to a problem, you need to make sure that you’re presenting it to your target market in the right way. Here are some of my best tips for making everyone want your product.

Become an Expert on your Customer and Your Product




Ask any accomplished marketer, and they’ll tell you the two most important aspects to selling something is knowing the target market and the product you’re selling better than anyone else. You’re probably well aware of the problem your product is intended to fix. However, you also need to be intimate with the people you’re selling to in order to capture the perfect tone for your marketing materials.

Who’s your ideal buyer persona? How old are they? What kind of education have they had? What about their income, their hopes and fears, their political and social alignment and the kind of media they gravitate towards?

It’s also important to know your product inside and out, and demonstrate this knowledge to inspire buyer confidence. The page on lanyards here: shows a great example of a business that knows its product.

Create Advocates




Brand advocates are an aspect of marketing that’s only really become relevant in recent years. However, they’ve proven to be exceedingly effective for marketing specific products, and you should certainly be leveraging them as part of your overall strategy.

Do a little market research through social media and any other channels you have at your disposal, then narrow your customer base down to the people who are most invested in your product, and getting the most direct benefits from it in their day to day lives. Rank whoever you’re left with, and then turn the most invested customers into champions for your product. Interview them to get testimonials or case studies.

If you’re in the B2B sector, it may even be appropriate to invite them to public speaking opportunities and ask them to discuss their experiences with your product. You can read more on brand advocates

Use Social Media, But Not Without a Strategy



All too often, we hear about small business owners who heard about the massive marketing potential in social media, tried to run a campaign, and saw pretty poor returns. If you don’t approach social media with a strong strategy in mind, then it’s only going to wind up as a drain on your capital.

The best possible investment would be a growth hacker who specializes in budget marketing, or an in-house social media expert with proven experience with your target market. Flaunting your products on social media can be the thing that kicks your business into the fast lane, but only if it’s approached in the right way.



If you were worried about your product not making sales, I hope this post has set you on the right track.

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