Go From Strength To Strengh By Chartering Your Team Towards Success

A machine is only as powerful as the sum of all its parts. Let’s look at that as a metaphor for your business. The machine is the company and the parts in question are the employees. If you don’t choose the right employees for your company, your business will struggle.

But let’s say that you’ve already taken that step. Let’s assume that for the moment, your business has hired the best team for the job. Does that guarantee you high levels of success? Probably not, honestly. In fact, it’s highly likely that unless you are leading your business correctly, you could reach the same outcome as you would with a fairly terrible staff.

A great team without the right guidance and leadership won’t reach high levels of productivity. What do you need to do to ensure that your employees work to make your business the best it can be.

Rewards, Incentives And Other Instigations


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You should consider rewarding your employees for hard work. If you have secured the best team for your business, you are probably already familiar with this particular idea. We’d be amazed if you managed to get a great team of staff who probably had other options without any incentives at all. That just doesn’t happen.

But let’s not get confused about the type of incentives that we’re talking about here. This isn’t about a cushy health insurance plan or a company car. These are the little things that you’ll offer to all your employees. You have to consider what you’ll give to the top dogs to get other employees to rise to the challenge. Financial incentives are what we are looking at here.

These financial benefits have to be carefully considered planned and controlled. Otherwise, it should be quite obvious what happens. Basically, businesses waste a fortune paying more to employees that don’t really deserve it. Or the rate or rewards isn’t where it should be, and certain employees get neglected. That, in turn, leads to a bad feeling in the office and eventually causes people to start seeking positions elsewhere perhaps with your competition.

I know this is the worst case scenario, but it’s important to stress how important a reward scheme is. That’s why it’s beneficial to get a pro HR and reward manager on your team. They will sort out this section of your business for you and ensure that rewards are at the level they should be. If you use a business such as a CBR recruitment agency. They will be able to find you the best candidate to fill the position in your company.

Keeping Things Safe And Healthy


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If you want employees to work well, you do need to think about health and safety standards in the office. Workers should feel both mentally and physically safe when they come into work. That means there should be nothing there that could cause emotional distress or a physical injury.

Removing the threat of physical injuries is easier so let’s look at this first. You just need to learn to recognize what could be a potential hazard. For instance, you might be running a company where employees spend most of the working day typing. In which, you might assume that they are perfectly safe because they are sitting at a desk.

But, they could actually be at risk of developing RSI. RSI or repetitive strain injury is quite common, particularly when workers don’t take breaks through the day. If you want to avoid the chance of your workers developing this medical issue, just make sure that they are taking regular breaks. Otherwise, you may find yourself open to a PI lawsuit somewhere down the line.

Other hazards in the office can include loose wires on the floor. You can trip over loose wires, and that’s why they should be underneath carpet or attached to a wall or desk. This will reduce the chance of someone tripping and breaking their leg. You can say that injuries like this are unlikely and you might be right. But that doesn’t explain why hundreds of thousands of PI claims are dealt with every year.

In this instance though, you shouldn’t be worried about the legal issues. Instead, you should be thinking about how it could impact the productivity levels in your office. If workers don’t feel safe, they probably don’t have a reason to try and improve their performance in your business.

Of course, it’s not just physical issues that you need to watch out for. Mental issues can be problematic too. For instance, you might find that there is an issue with bullying in the office. If that’s the case, it needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it will lead to an environment where customers don’t feel loyal to the business.

You need to be aiming to create an environment that almost feels like home. Obviously, you don’t want employees resting their feet on the desks. But at the same time, work shouldn’t feel like a nightmare. If it does your business will be weak.

The Right Attitude




Don’t get the wrong idea here, we’re not suggesting that you should be a friend to your employees. There are countless TV shows that have highlighted the danger of this type of attitude. If you’re the friend, you won’t be respected, but that doesn’t mean that employees should fear you. Fear isn’t respect either, and you must lead your company in a way that is fair as well as tolerant. If you don’t do this, a lack of respect will lead to employees losing focus in what they need to achieve. You don’t want that.

You should also encourage friendships and relationships to develop within the office. This will help you grow an environment where everyone has each other’s back. This brings us neatly in a circle to the idea that a business is a machine. Those little parts and pieces all work together to make the machine operate. If the cogs aren’t turning together, the machine won’t operate, and your business will fail.

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