How To Excel At Hiring For Your Business

So, you’ve got everything your business needs. You’ve got a premises or a solid e-commerce marketplace running. Now it’s time to truly move forward.

Every business needs a good leader and a solid team. Think about it: what is better? A team of scattered individuals, or a motivated workforce pulling together in the same direction? Easy answer, right?

Let’s take a look at how to get your business hiring—the right way.


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The first thing to analyze is your hiring process. Is it working at all? If you’ve got a consistent turnover of employees, it might not be working. A 2015 survey looked at 20,000 new employee hires and found that 46 percent of those hires failed within a year and a half of the contract signing. That’s worrying news.

You can make yourself and your business a better prospect for employees by questioning them at the recruitment stage. Ask them what attracts them to the company so you can use this data to improve the package you’re able to offer to new hires. You can get help by involving a staffing agency in your process.

A way to truly improve your hiring is to decrease the time of hiring. On average, it’s lasting almost a month right now. That’s pretty unacceptable as it’s not only leaving your business in the lurch, but it’s increasing the potential that your prospective candidates are going to receive more and more job offers. You’re going to lose out if you wait too long. Don’t feel like you need to chuck every test in the book at potential employees. Also, make your decision quickly; don’t add any unnecessary time to the process.

There’s another side to waiting too long. If your new hire isn’t working out, make sure you talk to them quickly. Most people realize that a new hire isn’t a good fit quite quickly. Don’t wait a year if the fit isn’t good and the employment isn’t working out.

Also, don’t hold yourself to unrealistic expectations during the process. You’re not going to get a jack-of-all-trades for peanuts and if you do, that’s quite unfair on them and they will leave you when they realize their worth. Get a good package made up and decide what qualities you are looking for and what they are worth. Don’t expect everything.

During the interviewing process, you need to be consistent. If you don’t want to waste time, you can’t muck around and ask each candidate new questions. Ask each candidate the same questions and compare the answers. This is the key to a good hire because you need to set the same bar for each candidate. Don’t mess about and vary the levels because you’re going to open your hiring field too wide.

These are just a few ways you can reinvigorate your hiring policy to ensure your business builds a strong team that can take your company to the next level—but, of course, that all starts with you and your decisions.

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