Fun Self-Employement Ideas All Twentysomethings Should Consider

While you are in your twenties, life is all about having fun! After all, you can wait and think about all the important life admin stuff and settle down once you hit your thirties.

But it can’t just be fun and games in your twenties; you are also going to have to figure out how you are going to earn a living. If you don’t fancy being stuck in a boring old office every day, you might be better suited to being self-employed. Then, you can make your money however you want. Want some ideas of fun self-employed options? Here are some of the best:



Run A Party Business

If you love a good night out, then you will also love helping other people to plan their big nights out. Why not consider becoming a party planner? As a party planner, you will be responsible for all of the planning. But first, you will have to speak to the hosts to find out exactly what it is they want. Then it’s up to you to speak to different venues and create their ideal party.

Another cool idea is to set up your very own party business. You can find out more about that on sites like

Create A Startup Business

Do you think your cool idea has the potential to take off and become the next Facebook or Google? Then it could be worth setting up your very own startup business! Most startups specialize in apps and websites. If you think that there is something missing from people’s lives that can be filled with your website or app idea, then it is definitely worth giving it a  go.

Most startups need little finance to get going, and there are many investors looking to put their money into new and exciting companies. So money shouldn’t hold you back at all!



Become A Blogger

If you already have a blog as a hobby, it could be worth thinking about taking it to the next level and monetizing it. This is a great way to make your living from your very own home.

Not sure how to make your blog more professional? First, you need to start selling advertising space to companies. This is one way you can make money. Another way is to start publishing sponsored posts. Many companies now pay for a sponsored blog post that links back to their website.

Get Creative On Etsy

Do you love getting creative and crafty in your spare time? If so, you could always try selling your creations on websites such as Etsy. There are lots of creative people already selling on the site. They sell cross stitch pictures, homemade clothes, and handmade jewelry. You will be able to sell pretty much anything on this cute website! You can check it out for yourself at

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make money away from the office. So, how do you want to spend your twenties? In one of the above careers sounds much more rewarding than in a boring nine-to-five job!

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