The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Children’s Entertainment Business



A lot of people are scared off of the idea of running a children’s entertainment business. After all, kids can be loud and messy, and their attention spans leave a lot to be desired. But for others, it sounds like an amazing thing to do as a career.

If you’re interested in getting into the children’s entertainment game, check this out. These are the things you need to consider when compiling your business plan:

What Group are You Aiming For?

When people talk about “kids”, they often make the mistake of thinking they already know the target audience. But kids grow up very fast. You can have a business model that could potentially appeal to people aged from 21 to 60! When it comes to kids, however, you’re not going to find something that can appeal to kids aged 0 to 16. There’s way too much variation when it comes to the age ranges of kids.

You’ve got to think of kids in terms of infant, pre-school, kindergarten, young teenager, and older teenager. You could also think about the split between boys and girls. But I’d encourage you to ignore stereotypical and mostly arbitrary splits in gender interests.

What’s the Business Going to Be?

So, how exactly do you entertain kids? There are so many answers. All we know at the moment is that you want to entertain them. Of course, you’re going to have to be more specific than that. Do you actually want to be an entertainer? This could encompass something like being a clown, or a magician, or putting on some other theatrical show.



If you want to run a venue that entertains kids, things get a bit more complex. But it will also be easier to run it as a traditional business. You could set up an arcade aimed at 8-14-year-olds. You could run an indoor playground for younger kids if you look into indoor playground design. As long as you’re confident there’s demand in your chosen area of business, there are crazy amounts of possibilities.

Attracting Parents

When it comes to younger kids, you’ve really got to advertise to their parents, not just them! They, ultimately, are the ones you have to impress. The kids could be more excited than they’ve ever been with anything before in their lives.

But if the parents think it will be unhealthy, or unsafe, or a waste of time and money? Your business is basically doomed! So, you have to make sure the marketing for your entertainment business keeps this in mind.



Another thing you need to consider is the fact that kids often come in groups to these things. One of the biggest areas of your business will be birthday parties. The birthday girl or boy, along with their parents, will be the focal “clients”. Everyone else at the party has to be equally impressed, though!

If you do your job right, they’ll bug their parents about having their event curated by you, too! So, make sure everyone is kept engaged, and more sure that everyone remains safe. You’re basically in constant advertising mode in this business!

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