3 Simple Strategies That Will Convert Your Website Visitors To Customers



Does your ecommerce site get healthy levels of traffic but hardly any online sales? If you answered yes, you’ll be pleased to know that you are not alone. This is a frustrating and confusing predicament that many entrepreneurs find themselves in. The tactics you are using to drive traffic to your site are working effectively and there is clearly an interest in what you are selling.

So why aren’t these visitors to your websites buying your products? Thankfully, there is no need for you to panic. You just need to start converting more visitors into customers to start generating more sales. To help you achieve this, take a look at these simple strategies that any ecommerce business can use.

Improve your landing page

The landing page of your website gives your visitors a vital first impression. If this impression isn’t the right one, this could be why you aren’t getting the sales you had hoped for. There are a number of ways to improve your landing page. You can streamline the information contained on the page and have a clear call to action. Testimonials can be added to build trust with your customers. Even ensuring you use images that relate to your copy can be a vast improvement.

If you’re unsure how to make these improvements yourself, you can hire Magento developers to assist you. They can help you create a landing page that looks clean and professional while also being customer-friendly. They can also improve the functionality of your site which could also be affecting your conversion rate.

Use videos to humanize your business

It can be easy for online shoppers to forget that the ecommerce sites they visit are actually run by a human being. This lack of a personal connection could be one of the reasons you aren’t converting efficiently. An easy way to turn this around is by adding videos to your website and landing pages. These videos can introduce you to your potential customers and show your products in action.

This personal element can entice your customers to buy while also providing authenticity and trust. Try to make your videos short and to the point to engage your website visitors as quickly as possible. Look at the Practical Ecommerce website and other business website for further ideas and advice.

Use calls to action throughout

Whether you want your visitors to follow a link, subscribe or read a blog post, calls to action need to be present throughout your site. When customers know what you want them to do, they are more likely to commit to a purchase or revisit in future. Look at your current calls to action and consider how they can be improved.

Also, consider how you can incorporate more calls to action in all of the content included on your site. You might want to use buttons, hyperlinks or directional prompts. Using encouraging wording in your content can also improve your conversion rates.

Converting website traffic into customers often sounds harder than it actually is. By just making a few changes, you can begin to see a significant increase in your online sales almost immediately.

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