3 Quick Changes That Will Get You The Job!


Credit: Wikimedia

I absolutely loathe job hunting. This probably has something to do with why I launched my own business. Though I hope that a lot more people will know this kind of joy, telling your boss where to go isn’t always the most practical decision you can make. If you’re looking for a job, and finding it hard to get any solid leads, here are a few ways to make yourself a more attractive candidate.

Refine Your First Impression


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First impressions are often the thing which makes or breaks your application to a job. Once they start reading your résumé, it doesn’t take long for an HR executive to decide whether or not they’re going to consider having you work there. While I could write a whole other feature on the way you should enter a job interview in person, your résumé is going to be the first taste the HR department gets of you, so make sure it’s a good one!

There are countless online resources you can use to doctor your CV. You may want to go even further by going to employment seminars and clinics in your local area. It’s also worth talking to your friends and family about anyone they know with HR experience who might be able to help refine it. Still, a good start is making sure you haven’t made any amateur mistakes, and ensuring that your CV reads smoothly.

Flaunt Your Extra Skills

Showing that you can go above and beyond what the job requires of you is always a good thing. Some of your extra skills may not be directly relevant to the job you’re applying for. However, they can still make you that much more desirable compared to the other candidates who may be applying for the role. Do a quick inventory of all the skills you can bring to the table, and make a point of flaunting these a little more when you’re applying for new positions.

Like many other people, you may realize that your skills are a little thin or dated compared to what the other candidates might have. If this is the case, then start making plans for refining your skill set. There are now countless online resources such as Simplilearn which you can use to gain new qualifications online.

Give Great References

References are usually something that sort of falls by the wayside when it comes to applying for jobs. Many candidates will only bother to think about them once they’ve been given a conditional offer. Don’t be one of these people!

You should be considering the references you’re able to give right at the beginning of the application process. This way, you’ll have the wiggle room to ensure that your references fully understand you, the career you’re pursuing, and the skills and attributes that are most relevant. Some of them may even be able to provide a short reference you can display on your LinkedIn page, which will show you’re really serious about the position.

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