Line ‘Em Up! Ways To Manufacture A Factory Workforce



If you’re overseeing a factory operation, whether on a large scale or from a startup perspective, it is a big task to manage. You need to make sure that the product is being made quickly enough to meet the demands of the market. This is quite a high pressure on you and on your workers.

In addition to this, your workers will be dealing with complex machines, demands on stock as well as working with a large number of people. Running a factory as a leader requires individual leadership skills, different to an office or a small work environment. Here are a few ways to develop your style of leadership.

Pay Attention to the Smaller Details

Manufacturing products on a regular basis may make you assume that the product is correct every single time. However, this is an incorrect assumption to make. You need to make sure that there is a follow-up system in place. It is a fact of life that human error is commonplace. Taking the relevant steps to reduce error needs to be a priority.  

One way to do this is to implement team discipline. This works especially well in a factory line to improve productivity. A disciplining method that is used in the military is to encourage groups of people to have a dependency on each other—i.e., making sure there is no weak link in the chain.

Reinforce the Common Goals


Team spirit is an underestimated tool. Having unity on all departments, from the factory line all the way up to the managers can be reinforced by reiterating the common goal.

For example, General Motors reorganized their workforce into two car groups. And both groups focused on the same aspects. Processing, engineering, tooling, and unique products. The outcome of this was that billions of dollars were wasted because of engineering costs and the cost to duplicate investment in tools. As a result, the quality and the productivity of the workforce were reduced. This was abandoned by General Motors in 1994, and they went back to their original focus, which was the three C’s – Common, Common, and Common!

Get the Details Right

The finer details are what make customers return. Attention to detail is key, especially in a factory setting. From the finite legal details, to making sure you have the right WHMIS 2015 labels on your packaging, focus on the details! Human error can only be reduced and not eradicated completely. Likewise, you have a responsibility to your clients to deliver products on time. Have a laser focus, and make sure the long term goals are firmly in your mind.

Use the Space Well



Some would argue that the perks of having a factory are that everything is under one roof. This can be a perk, but it can also be easy to overcrowd your factory. Examine the layout, and be economical about your choices. Are you able to link two production lines together?

Keep Your Employees Happy

Finally, endeavor to make your workers happier in the environment. Happier workers will be more will be more productive. So, try to integrate some techniques to Improve workplace morale.

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