5 Personalization Techniques To Win You More Customers




There are a lot of reasons why your business should be getting more personal with your customers. Research suggests three-quarters of consumers prefer companies that provide a relevant shopping experience.

And, even better, almost nine out of ten consumers say personalization plays a major role when it comes to making a buying decision. Those are stats that your business just cannot afford to ignore.

So, the big question for today is: how can your business be more personable with your customers? Excellent service at all times will help, of course. But there are also some clever marketing tactics you can use to get better results. I want to go through with some of these with you today, so let’s take a closer look.




Customize your email


Let’s start with something nice and easy that has a big impact on your email click through rates. The simple task of including someone’s first name on their email is a great way to begin your message. It helps your customer feel that you are talking to them, and them alone. It’s simple psychology and is something that every business should be doing these days. If you are just sending generic ‘hello there’ emails, make the change today. You will soon see your click through rates shoot up.


Improve your direct mail


The vast majority of direct mail goes straight from the post box to the garbage can. The thing is, direct mail is still the best way to get a response from your customers. What you need to do is interrupt that process. You have to try creating heart-stopping headlines or encouraging your client into opening an envelope. Hand addressed direct mail is an excellent option, as is a big, bold offer of massive discounts.


Invest in product personalization technology

How good is your online shopping channel? Are you relying on your customers to find what they’re interested in? If so, you are losing out on sales opportunities. Invest in better shopping technology that gives an accurate picture of where your customer’s interests lie.

So, every time they show an interest in a product, your website shows them something similar. It could be items that other customers have already bought together or just two or three products that combine well.




Be a human


If you are still sending messages from ‘the company,’ think about doing something different. Sign off letters and emails as a genuine person. You can even add your photo in your email signature, and also give out your social media details. It shows your customer that you are happy to put your name—and face—to your product. It’s an instant confidence boost that should lead to more customers—and more sales.


Respond to social media posts


So many businesses set up a Facebook or Twitter account and only update it once a month. But what happens if a customer tries to contact you? You will be losing sales unless you reply promptly. Set up notifications so you know when anyone makes a comment or tries to reach out. And stop automating all your messages—it looks bad.

I hope these ideas have helped you—it’s time to get personal, folks!

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