Power To The Product: Cutting Edge Tools To Give Your Startup The Marketing Edge




Does your business have the edge when it comes to marketing? Or are you still using the same methods as your peers? With the rise of digital marketing and social media, there are new, weird and wonderful ways to get your message to customers. Why use the “blog-standard” blog when you can use an app to cater directly for your customers? Social media, apps, and streaming services are the main ways in which we communicate now. So, what are the most fashionable approaches being taken by businesses in 2016? Let’s have a look.


Using Instagram To Sell Directly To Users

Twitter has been a great way to get information to people quickly and as brief as possible, but . Using Instagram is a very popular approach to advertising. How we live now thrives on visual stimulation. Instagram gives people that ability to share your life and your experiences with the world instantly. With Instagram, you can create adverts of multiple pages, or video clips lasting around 30 seconds. This is the viewing time of a typical advert. The possibilities of advertising with clips are not just relegated to the TV. So, it is time to start thinking about what impact you can make on the internet. Let your imagination fly, and put the results onto people’s’ smartphones.

Live Video Streaming

Becoming more and more popular the better the technology gets, it needs to be a key part of any marketing strategy. You need to grab the customer’s attention and then keep them engaged for more than one second. The trouble is that the attention span of people is reduced to a simple finger swipe. Have a look at live video streaming if you want a new way to present yourself. Brands have been experimenting with ways to incorporate this into their digital marketing for some time. If this is something you are looking into, having relevant IT support can help with getting this started.

Using Pinterest As A Direct Selling Tool




Another way of selling directly to users, Pinterest is a wonderful way to find out people’s interests and trends. Pinterest will introduce their new promoted pin called an Animated Cinematic pin. With this, brands will be able to target a specific person based on their interest with this animated pin. The great thing about these Cinematic pins is the fact that they are set in motion when a user scrolls. But, as the user stops scrolling, the motion stops as well. Now, the user is in control whether they want to watch the video or not. Users are now a part of the experience, which is another step forward in interactive marketing.

There are many other digital marketing trends being dreamt up every day. And with the advancement of technology, it will only snowball further. From Pay Per Click marketing to the popularity of Snapchat, to apps that you will be able to wear. Digital marketing is in a major ascendance and there is no sign of it slowing down.


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