Time To Get Social: 5 Twitter Tips To Boost Your Marketing Potential


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Have you unleashed the power of Twitter yet? Social media can be a very powerful tool for businesses across the globe. Some companies look to Facebook as their primary source of marketing potential, but Twitter is just as crucial. You can boost your marketing potential in all sorts of ways with this innovative platform. Here are five examples.


Get Your Hashtags Right

In the first instance, you want to make sure you understand exactly how to get the most out of hashtags. This doesn’t mean typing anything after a hash symbol and expecting it to deliver results. A tool like Hashtagify can help to determine the most popular hashtags in use right now. Also, if you’re going to create a brand-specific hashtag, make sure it’s not already in use.


Converse With Other Companies

You might think it’s detrimental to be conversing with other companies on Twitter. After all, you’re focused on your own success. But, there are a lot of reasons why it’s a good idea to mention other businesses. In the main, it’ll help you to get more noticed, potentially boosting your SEO strategy substantially. If you can generate more interest and more links on outbound sites through Twitter, that’s a huge positive. It might not do wonders for you, and a link building service might be a more beneficial tactic, but it’s still worthwhile.

Also, keep in mind that conversing with companies can help to generate retweets on their part. The more retweets you get, the more views you’ll get. That’s the goal.


Track Your Engagement Statistics

You’re given the ability to track just how well your tweets are doing. Don’t neglect this important part of your marketing strategy. It’s crucial that you understand the types of tweets that result in positive engagement numbers. What trends can you notice? Figure this out, and you’ll be able to tailor your approach going forward.


Create Lists For Retweet Purposes

It’s a good idea to retweet things from time to time. Every business does this differently, though. In terms of your approach, you might want to think about creating lists. Think about your area of expertise and your followers’ interests. What do they want to see when you retweet something? By creating a list of followers you might want to retweet in the future, it’ll be easier to identify the best content on Twitter.


Make Sure You Format Everything Correctly

If there’s one thing that makes a business look extremely unprofessional, it’s poor formatting. For example, you might think that mentioning another user at the start of a tweet is as simple as using the @ symbol. Wrong. This will act like you’re contacting them directly, instead of making a public tweet. Instead, what you need to do is put a dot before the @ symbol.

It’s little things like this that crop up all the time when a business doesn’t quite know how to work Twitter. It’s your duty to figure this out ahead of time, so you don’t look unprofessional later on.

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