Don’t Let Your New Dream Restaurant Turn Into A Kitchen Nightmares Candidate

We’ve all heard of that show where Chef Gordon Ramsay comes to the US and savages floundering restaurants with the aim of building them back up into more successful establishments. And quite rightly so. With volatile staff, dirty kitchens, lazy chefs and bad food, is it any wonder he’s often left tearing his hair out? So, if you are in the tentative stages of setting up your own dream restaurant, read on to find out how to stop it becoming a kitchen nightmare.


Know Your Business

Even if you’re the owner and not the chef, you need to know the business of good food. If you have little experience, look for a mentor who can guide you on the road to success. You need to become an expert in the field of food so you can pinpoint any problems that arise.

You also need to know about creating a great atmosphere, exceptional service, and effective marketing. Go in blind, and you’ll fall at the first hurdle. You’ll need to be involved in running the day-to-day business, the restaurant floor and board meetings too. Get involved in all aspects of your restaurant else you will start to flounder.


Image source: Pexels


Create Something Visually Appealing

Most people dine out for the full social experience, not just the food. Not only should your dishes be of high quality and visually beautiful but so too should your menus, interior design and seating plans. You may choose to go rustic or traditional. Or perhaps modern, exotic or industrial. But no matter what, your space must be clean, striking and comfortable.

It also needs to be accessible for disabled guests. Invest money into the concept and design in order to keep attracting customers back for more. Search for gaps in the market and create something unique and enticing, that will generate interest, press and fans.


Image source: Pixaby


Get Online With A Website And Social Media

As well as print marketing there is no question about creating an online presence. In this day and age, it is a necessity. Over half of the population search online for new restaurant ideas. So you want to be up there in the search rankings. Alongside a sleek website, you will also need a superlative social media presence. There is a lot of competition in the restaurant industry, so you will need to make an impact.

Social media provides a huge opportunity to market your restaurant to thousands of people. You will expand your reach of both locals and tourists alike. You can tell a beautiful story about your restaurant through all of these platforms. And as you build up followers you will start to see them sharing images of their dining experiences, which will generate even more business.

If you find social media overwhelming, hire the services of agencies that are experts in restaurant marketing strategies. They can take charge of your social accounts and effectively implement a strategy that will put more bottoms on seats.

Outstanding Service And Reviews

A restaurant will not thrive in a sea of competition without delivering outstanding service. You also need to continuously work on receiving great reviews. Don’t let TripAdvisor be your downfall here. Receiving bad reviews can lead to the demise of a restaurant.

Always make sure you hire exceptional staff that believe in your brand and want to excel in your company. Invest in training, uniforms and appearance. Make sure table service is quick, efficient and personal. Look after your customers and they in turn will look after you business.

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