Quiet, Please! Reduce Office Noise With This Amazing Advice


(pixabay: https://goo.gl/sW9ofX)


One of the secrets to a productive business is having a good working environment. Excessive noise can prevent an office from being a productive environment. Noise distracts people and makes it harder for you to think.

So, reducing noise needs to be a top concern for you. Here are three ideas below:

Effective Soundproofing

Often, the noise that affects your office comes from outside. Street sounds and noise from other offices can be very distracting. It’s hard trying to concentrate when you have so much sound buzzing around your ears. Obviously, you can’t go and tell people to be quiet on the street. So, what can you do? It’s simple; you start soundproofing your office in any way that you can.

Get soundproof windows that have thick glazing to reduce outside noises. Doors, additionally, are something that most people forget to soundproof. Most doors have small gaps on the sides between the actual door and the frame. You can get things that block these gaps, and prevent outside sounds from leaking through. If you can reduce the exterior noise entering your office, then you’ll have a more peaceful environment to work in.

Stop Drawer Slamming

Picture this: you’re sat at your desk, working away peacefully. You’re in the zone, and feeling like nothing can stop you. An idea springs to your mind, and you quickly go to write it down. But, at the same moment, someone slams the drawer of a filing cabinet. The sound shocks you and knocks you out of your concentration bubble. Now, you forget what you were about to write.

This is a scenario that many people face up and down the country. Slamming drawers is a major source of office noise. Thankfully, it can be stopped with an easy idea. Get some soft close drawer runners to reduce the noise. People will open and close drawers without distracting others and knock their concentration. Such a simple tip, yet very effective.

Quiet Devices

We all know that you need plenty of devices in your office. By this, I’m talking about printers, scanners, photocopiers, etc. They’re essential, but, they can also be extremely noisy. Many people have had their concentration snapped by the sound of a loud printer printing out multiple things. And, this is amplified when you have multiple printers all going at once! Unfortunately, there’s no way to get rid of this noise completely. Instead, you have to think about making it as quiet as possible. One idea is to buy the quietest devices around. Look at reviews and see which ones make the less noise. Another idea is to move all of the devices into a separate room within your office. Close the door, and you can massively reduce the noise pollution in the general workspace.

The quieter your office is, the more productive and efficient you will be. People find it far easier to concentrate in quiet environments. That’s why a lot of students study in silent libraries. Your office can improve a lot if you get rid of the noise pollution.


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