Getting Creative with Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a strategy that allows for unconventional and creative ways to market a product. If you want to show your business off as a creative force, then that creativity should be part of your marketing campaign. This is where guerrilla marketing comes in.




Environment and interaction

Adverts are supposed to be exciting, moving, inspiring. The aim may be to excite, move, and inspire you to buy a product, sure. But that doesn’t negate the fact that they need to be those things. The problem with modern advertising is that most people simply don’t see adverts in this way. Even the most boisterous television advert is seen as somewhat dry and static. But when companies start to interact with the environment in their marketing campaigns? Then people really start to pay attention. It brings a meta element to advertising that genuinely excites people.




Stickers and posters

Small businesses can benefit the most with guerrilla marketing. If you take “guerrilla marketing” in its most literal meaning, it will refer to marketing that is personal, creative, and free. Something that grabs people’s attention by taking advantage of an urban environment. Stickers and posters are perhaps the best way to accomplish this for small businesses. They’re relatively cheap, can be placed anywhere, and really give you a chance to show off artistic skills.




Bend the medium to highlight key features

Finding a way to alter a particular marketing medium is one of the best ways in which to engage in guerrilla marketing. This isn’t something you can do with television commercials. You can’t alter the way the commercial is broadcast to someone’s television, after all!

I’m going to draw your attention to the marketing for two television shows. They both used posters, but in alarmingly creative, medium-bending ways. An advert for the show Ugly Betty was mostly covered with a paper bag. An advert for the show Marie Antoinette took advantage of the public knowledge of the famous figure’s beheading. Half of the poster was literally cut off.




Going off-land

People expect to be bombarded with advertising as they look around the average urban environment. They expect it on buildings and on buses. They expect it when they’re surfing the Internet; on web pages and before YouTube videos. But as they look up to the sky, or out to the ocean, they don’t expect it so much. Have you considered decorating a boat to advertise your product? It’s an inventive way to market something. (It also gives you an excuse to use your boat.) Paints4Trade offer a number of different boat paints that might come in handy. You could also consider a banner attached to a plane, though this is notoriously hard to achieve.



Staying offline

Do you remember the Audi vs BMW advertising campaigns that took place around 2009? In one instance, an Audi billboard advertising a new model actually called out BMW: Your move. BMW responded with a “Checkmate” billboard – in some instances, right next to the Audi billboards. It’s the sort of advertising interaction and creativity that simply would not have the same effect offline. Remember this sort of thing when someone tells you that digital marketing is all you should be investing in.

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