Hiring A Professional Web Designer: A Worthy Investment For Your Business?

It’s virtually impossible to find a modern business that wouldn’t benefit from a quality website. But there’s one question that’s on the tip of every entrepreneur’s list: DIY or outsource?

As with any major business decision, there are positives and negatives to every approach. However, by weighing up those elements, you should have no problem arriving at the right decision. Here’s everything you need to know.




The Cost


Let’s face it: financial elements will dictate every business decision you ever make. If it doesn’t make sense in this aspect, it won’t make sense in general. Hiring a professional will cost some money, but the fierce competition means that it’s more affordable than you’d think.

Going DIY will obviously save you money. However, you shouldn’t forget to consider the little costs that will soon add up. Web hosting, premium WordPress themes, and other elements all need to be factored in. Whatever option you take, some investment will be needed. But the rewards can be huge.



The online environment plays a massive role in the modern business world. Moreover, audiences are more demanding than ever. As such, it’s imperative that your website gains the desired impact. Otherwise, the whole process is a little redundant.

Looks are crucial, but it’s also imperative to think about function. Experts like Lightbox Digital will have a far greater knowledge of working the online audience. Ultimately, a more responsive site built towards conversion will help your business greatly. On the other hand, you know your audience. If you don’t go it alone, you need the designers to embrace your information at the very least. After all, it’s your business.




If nobody sees your website, it’s pointless having one. Whether you choose a professional or design the site yourself, a strong web presence is key. Understanding and utilizing search engine optimization is essential.

Meanwhile, you need to appreciate the changing trends. The growth of mobile audiences, for example, will have a huge impact on the process. Whatever avenue you choose, embracing the latest and greatest facilities must be top of your agenda. An outdated site will struggle to make any impact whatsoever.



In truth, the biggest element to consider is time. If you have the natural flair and ability, it is possible to teach yourself the majority of key factors of design and SEO. You might not get a product that’s quite to the same standard, but it can still achieve positive results.

Time is money. If the money you lose out on by dedicating your time to this process outweighs the cost of hiring a pro, the decision is easy.





Creating the website is one thing, but it won’t stay static. Therefore, you need the management aspects to be easily handled. Having your site linked to social media will cut down on the admin of running it, which will save time and money.

Once again, this is something you can achieve through DIY efforts or an expert. In summary, hiring a designer is a worthwhile investment. But for some entrepreneurs, going it alone is an even better one. As long as you weigh up your skills and resources in an effective manner, the right answer will become clear.

[post contributed for tamarhela.com]


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