Need To Boost Office Morale? Try These Team Building Activities For Size!

When you hire employees to work for you, part of the battle is selecting the right people for your team. The other part is keeping those folks motivated enough to produce consistently good work!

The thing about office morale is that it can get affected by all kinds of external influences. Negative industry news is one such example. But, more common is specific individuals within the team. It’s likely that some of your team members will have a stronger personality than others.

And that’s fine. After all, it makes sense to have a good mix of personality dynamics within a team. But what’s not fine is when some people don’t feel like being team players. Believe it or not, the reasons can be down to trivial things. Not “big” problems like low salary or long working hours.


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One of the ways to help employees be more motivated and get along better with each other is with team events. They are fun activities that most people describe as “team building exercises”. In today’s blog post, I will share with you some strategies that always work well in any business. The advantage of these ideas is they don’t suck. Check them out below:

The Working Dead

An interesting spin on a popular Fox TV program! As you might expect, you get some of your employees to dress up and act like zombies. You have another team of people who are trying to “escape” the office of zombies. But, no-one has the key to get out!

You could devise a set of clues that your team must solve to find where they key is. The aim, of course, is not to get “eaten” by any of the zombies. You can be as creative as you want when setting the rules for both teams. And don’t forget to let participants switch sides after a break!

Golf Tournament

One of the sports that many folks enjoy playing is golf. You can book a venue (golf course) that is suitable for your team’s location. Arrange a tournament where the winners get new golf trophies and maybe even a day off work. Golf is one of those sports accessible to people from all walks of life. It’s also a proven team builder.

Community Service

If you’d rather set up a more sedate exercise, how about doing some good deeds? There are plenty of ways that your team can help those less fortunate than them in the community. They could also take on projects such as litter picking in parks or beaches. It’s also a good way to raise your firm’s PR profile too.


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Go-Kart Racing

Another fun activity is go-kart racing. Here, your staff get to do circuits around a track in little cars powered by lawnmower engines! Go-kart racing encourages competitive spirit, teamwork and creativity. And, above all, it’s a good way to forget about everyday workplace stresses.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for team building. Thanks for reading today’s article. Feel free to share a link to it with your friends.

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