Handling Your Own PR When Running A Home Business


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Whether you’re operating an online shop or offering freelance services from your house, PR can boost your home business. Although a lot of your time will go towards your main operations, spending a little time on PR can go a long way.

You can use PR to entice new customers and boost your reputation. As a home business, you may need to handle your PR by yourself. However, there are ways to do this that can be quick and rewarding.

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the most important aspects of PR. This is a prime way of communicating with current customers, as well as finding new ones.

Opening a Twitter account is one of the best ways to get your business noticed. Taking part in hashtag discussions for specific interests can help you get your name out there to your target demographic. Your posts can also be followed and shared by others, expanding your reach even further.

If you sell products, Instagram and Pinterest can be good places to post high quality photos of what you’re selling. This is a good, largely informal way of advertising your business to regular people. Getting a good following across social media networks also improves your business reputation, so make sure you sign up to at least one!

Get A Virtual Business Address

When dealing with business postage, using your home address can look a little unprofessional. This will be your return address on any products you send out and also the address you receive business mail to. Because of this, it is a good idea to buy a virtual business address.

Having your virtual office located at a respectable business address makes your home company look better. Additionally, this saves you from putting your personal details out there. These services offer mail collection to keep your business mail separate from the rest. You can also pay a little extra for mail forwarding.

Renting a real office can be expensive. Using a virtual office is a small investment that can make your business look bigger, so it’s worth the price.

Push Out Content

Associating content with your business can entice more people to what you’re doing. Simply having a website and a blog for your business can be a good place to start. This way you can post interesting news, infographics and how-to articles related to what you do. However, there are also ways to reach out further.

Writing content advertising your business can be sent to other blogs related to your field. You could also open your own YouTube channel, allowing you to demonstrate what you offer in videos.

Today’s customers are content frenzied. A good article or video will often be shared across social media and the best will even be spread by word-of-mouth.

Be Media Friendly

Finally, make yourself available to the media. If you have an interesting story related to your business, send a press release to magazines and blogs. They may pick up this story and get the word out there to more people.

Also don’t be afraid to provide interviews and quotes to journalists. More publicity can only help increase the profile of your business.

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