Never Say Never & Other Updates

Hey, lovely readers.

I took quite a hiatus from blogging, and rather than feeling bad about it, I allowed myself to enjoy the break and get my act together with all that’s going on in my life. But I’m back now and thought I’d start with some updates.

Since we last connected, my most recent post was about planning a book launch party. The full, detailed post is actually at, which was such a privilege and pleasure for me to be on. Jami’s blog is amazing and well-read, so talk about great exposure!

Next, this summer, I did many things I never thought I’d do:

  • I taught craft classes to both children and adults at Jo~Ann Fabric & Crafts (tie-dye was the most popular class, but cross stitch was my favorite to teach)

  • I read so many books, I surpassed 160 (since January) last week

    Does NOT include books I've edited this year that are yet to be released. :)

    Does NOT include books I’ve edited this year that are yet to be released. 🙂


  • I took a sewing class and made a blouse

  • I took a crochet class and made a blanket

  • I “attended” more informational webinars than ever before and can’t wait to share my new knowledge with my clients

  • I started a college internship program for the Print Division at Cosby Media Productions

  • One of my Pinterest boards became a recommended board in its category in the mass emails sent to Pinterest users (blog post on this later) Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 23.10.12

  • I finished editing book #30 of my editing career in July (!!!) (blog post on this later as well)

  • I began turning down new projects and decided that I’d take a break from new clients until 2016 because I’m THAT busy and loaded up with manuscripts AND teaching for the next several months. A difficult but good decision.

  • I decided to stop wearing myself down and scale back on my freelancing business. It’s not something that’s viable for this particular season of my life. I didn’t know what I was going to do…until I accepted a full-time teaching job over the summer. I am now teaching full-time again, after a three-year break. And it’s a good thing. 🙂

I believe I had said something like, “I’ll never go back to teaching,” but I’m learning to never say never. Truly. Because every time I say that, it happens! Ha! This will be my twelfth year education, and I’m already enjoying it and loving my students.

So, yes. Many things going on, to say the least. I’m beginning to catch up with everything and am so grateful that I’m (usually) a very organized person. My itch to bring order to chaos in most things is paying off big time right now as I juggle a more-than-full schedule. If you saw my calendar, you’d probably cringe. But I’m happy, I’m busy (in a good way), I’m doing what I love, and I’m managing to problem solve pretty quickly.

This month, I turn 31, so that’s something to look forward to as well. I’ll actually be IN my 30’s, though I’m still trying to figure out this whole “adult” thing. Why weren’t we given manuals for this stuff when we were born?


Next up, once I get a handle on everything, I’ll be bringing you some awesome blog posts. I also can’t wait to get back into a regular writing routine and finish up some projects I’ve been working on over the summer. Before we blink twice, NaNoWriMo will be here, and I’d like to work on something totally new in November. We’ll see if I can finish three manuscripts before then.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and holiday weekend (for my U.S. peeps). Until next time, read a good book!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 23.42.41

Current reading stack…


2 thoughts on “Never Say Never & Other Updates

  1. Right there with you on the adulting stuff. LOL! Being busy is one of those “congratulations!” but “oh my gosh, does it ever end?” sort of things. Not that I know from personal experience or anything. 😉

    And thanks for the shout out! I’m so glad you were able to share your expertise over on my blog!


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