OFFICIAL Release Date for Spirit Lake!

Hey, lovely readers!

Just a quick post today to share a very exciting announcement: Spirit Lake, my debut novel in the Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi Spirit Lake Series, will officially be released on April 14th! I’m SUPER excited!

If you’re new around here, Spirit Lake was formerly titled Feast Island, and I published the novel in 2012 through a small, local publisher. It’s been a great journey, but now I’m moving up to the big leagues, and Cosby Media Productions bought my five-book series, meaning endless opportunities for this girl who started very humbly and has learned a lot about publishing in the past six years.

Spirit Lake is now available for PRE-ORDER via Amazon, so place your order TODAY and get the eBook automatically delivered to your Kindle or eReader device on the 14th. You can pre-order the eBook by clicking HERE.

Thanks so much for your support over the past several years. Exciting things ahead this year! Glad you’re part of the journey. X


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