Fifty Shades of Grammar


Greetings, wonderful readers! Today’s post is from There’s a lot of hype with the release of the movie 50 Shades of Grey … along with the controversy of the books’ and movie’s taboo subject(s). However, a huge point of contention for writers, literary nerds, and grammar cops is centered around the writing style of author/creator EL James.

Many have argued that the writing style is poor and that the grammar is atrocious. However, 50 Shades of Grey is not as poorly written as you may think. Let’s see what research has to say. The results just might surprise you!

Grammarly investigates:

“Although it topped bestseller lists around the world, E. L. James’ erotic romance novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, was widely panned by critics for its poor use of language.

The Grammarly team reviewed the book for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, and learned that — although there were some mistakes — the errors were in alignment with similar gaffes in celebrated romances. It seems that the language of love really is a language of its own!”

Check out the 50 Shades of Grammar infographic below. Click HERE to view the original post on Grammarly.

Grammarly: Fifty Shades of Grammar

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