Lovesick In The Coffee Shop: A Poem


It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared my poetry on this blog. Too long, perhaps. I like to say that I’m somewhat of a closet poet because most of the poetry I’ve written has been hidden away, like the proverbial monster under the bed. Why? I suppose it’s because my poetry is the most personal writing I have ever done in my life. Maybe as precious as my personal journal entries. However, I DO have one poem published (click HERE to read it), and I am going to share one today with you, dear readers.

I wrote this poem in November and entered it into a poetry contest. It’s a totally made up scenario about a secret crush at a coffee shop, and is supposed to be pure and simple humor (aka don’t read into it). Though I didn’t win or even place, it felt good to put myself out there like that.

For some reason, I tend to be more brave with my novels rather than my poems. Therefore, consider this a peek into my silly, secret, and at times strange, world of poetry. It’s perfect for this month’s theme of love, too. ❤ Hope you all enjoy! xx

Lovesick in The Coffee Shop

By Tamar Hela

Bearing the weight of a secret love

Is like the barista spelling my name wrong again

There’s a hope that next time they’ll get it right

But it still hurts

I saw you walk in on a Tuesday, five months ago

You still come in every Tuesday at 3pm,

And I watch how you place your order with confident precision like a war general

I love how you leave a tip, too

Even when the new girl at the register is a bit rude

While you wait for your drink,

Your wavy hair shines in the fluorescent lights

Like you’re some kind of glowing, caffeinated god

I guess I could sit closer to the front,

But I like my darkened corner where I sit far away from smelly Jim

Still, my seat offers a good view of your face, and I think

Your eyes are like roasted coffee beans—the medium blend

If I were a paper cup,

I bet you’d be my perfect sleeve

Once I thought you waved at me but

You were saying hi to the businessman sitting next to my table

My cheeks burned like my extra hot latte with an add shot

Because I accidentally waved back, and you looked confused

Maybe one day I’ll have the nerve to say hi,

But today is not that day

As you walk out of the coffee shop, I’ll just silently bid adieu

And in my sleep, I’ll dream of you

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