Who Writes Better–Men Or Women?

Today, I have a very special post that is pseudo-sponsored by Grammarly.com. Grammarly.com is a grammar checker, which you can try by clicking HERE.

Now, by saying that this post is “pseudo-sponsored,” I mean that Grammarly will be donating $50 in my name to Reading Is Fundamental because I’ve hosted this post on my blog. Who I am to turn down an opportunity like that? (Of course, it would’ve also been cool to have $50 donated to the “Tamar Hela Foundation,” but writers can’t be choosers, you know?)

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. Who, indeed, does writer better? Men or women? What do you think?

The below infographic shares the results of a poll (from Grammarly) that was conducted through Google Consumer Surveys. About 3,000 people completed the survey online, and about 54% of them were men.


So, what do you think? Were the results surprising? Would you agree, based off of this infographic, that women are better writers?

I personally think that each gender has strengths in writing and that no gender is better than the other. Just…different. Which, is always a good thing in my book.

Feel free to weigh in by leaving a comment. Thanks so much to Grammarly for this infographic. Hopefully they’ll be conducting more surveys like this in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Who Writes Better–Men Or Women?

  1. The part I found most interesting was the statistic about character/plot development. I have a number of men in my life that when asked about their day they give many details, develop the characters, and fill in background information, when all I want are the facts. Maybe I’m just surrounded by verbose men. Plus, my brother-in-law is a blogger and he works hard to keep his blogs at 2,000 words. His writing is creative and visually descriptive, but over 1,000 words and have a hard time staying engaged. All that to say, I believe that male and female writers have much to contribute to the art writing (and storytelling), and like you said Tamar, it’s just different.


    • Yeah, that’s a great observation, Felicia. I have met men who have talked WAY MORE than I, and I can be quite a talker. I suppose it depends, but then again, this survey is only a tiny slice of the overall pie. I hate to draw such absolute conclusions about genders, because everyone is different and has had a different background that contributes to their writing style. It’d be interesting to see the results if more people were surveyed. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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