BIG NEWS For The Spirit Lake Series!

Happy Friday, blog world!

So, I’ve been hinting at sharing some big news this week, and it’s finally time to make the announcement.

I have sold my Spirit Lake Series to Cosby Media Productions! Yay! I just signed the contract on Wednesday, so I’m officially a traditionally published author now!

How I feel at the moment. =P

How I feel at the moment. =P

I’m in the process of rewriting my first book, Feast Island, which will be retitled as Spirit Lake. My second book, The Wrong Fairy Tale, will also get some further edits to fit with the changes made in the first book. I will keep you all abreast of release dates, etc. (And yes, while we wait for these books to be released, the now existing Feast Island and The Wrong Fairy Tale will be pulled from Amazon at the end of the month. If you’d like to purchase yourself a copy of each before they are retired, click HERE.)

Once book one and two are finished and submitted to my publisher, I will obviously resume work on book three, titled Freak Show. You guys are gonna love it. Think a lighter, less sexual version of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” meets Narnia meets Dinotopia (minus the dinosaurs). I already have notes for books four and five, but they have yet to be outlined.

Exciting stuff!

Meanwhile, I began working on a secret project last year, which may or may not ever see the light of day. I also began writing an Epic Fantasy, a SciFi, and a Rom Com Suspense-ish book about an assassin falling in love. As you can see, I don’t heed the “one genre” thing. I write what I like and that’s that. So, expect to see other projects from me soon.

I hope you all have a fffffffaaaaabbbbbbbbbbulous weekend. I’m going to a wedding tomorrow and will otherwise be eyeballs deep in editing a project for one of the authors at Cosby Media. But tonight, I think I have a hot date with a good book. May you all fall in love with a new fictional character this weekend. ❤

(If you just want to LOOK at cool fictional characters, click HERE to access my Fictional Love Pinterest board.)

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