Monday Motivation: MLK Jr. Special

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If MLK, Jr. were still alive today, I believe he’d still be holding large-scale rallies to promote acceptance of others; only, people would be tweeting about them and creating Facebook events. But what does acceptance and MLK, Jr. have to do with business? More than you might think, actually.

Acceptance plays a key role in developing a business or organization. It helps leaders to be better listeners as they keep an open mind to new ideas. It helps our jobs become a place where diversity–in all aspects–is celebrated. NOT tolerated, but celebrated. It helps to break down culture and communication barriers as peers learn how to work in harmony with one another, creating a healthy workplace. And most importantly, it encourages everyone to think outside the proverbial box in order to generate better solutions to pressing issues.

That being said, here are two great articles to read, aligned with the theme of MLK, Jr., acceptance, and business lessons we can learn from the man who coined, “I have a dream…”

1. Martin Luther King by Jack E. White of TIME Magazine

Summary: This is a great article from the 90’s (vintage!) about Dr. King. It touches on a brief history of the the Civil Rights Movement, and MLK, Jr.’s cause. White reminds us of the ever-growing need for equality in the present, stating that King was demanding justice–not citing some “…Hallmark card-style version of Brotherhood.”

2. 5 Entrepreneurship Lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Joseph Steinberg of Forbes

Summary: This article is especially encouraging for entrepreneurs and dreamers alike. He analyzes some aspects of King’s life and cause, and gives us 5 important lessons as a takeaway. Though this article focuses more on the business side of things, Steinberg does mention the issues of racism and prejudice.

Today, I personally am taking some time to reflect on the things that Martin Luther King, Jr. did for humanity. I’m also taking the time to reflect on what that means for me as a business owner and human citizen. It makes me angry and appalled to think about the problem of racism, lack of acceptance, and prejudice that still exists all around us. And it’s not just in the U.S.; it’s everywhere.

I think that being a leader–whether in business or otherwise–demands something greater to surface from me than just seeing “results” or “success.” I think it has more to do with responsibility to my fellow man more than I realize. I believe that caring for one another and striving to make the world a better place through our passions and talents are at the heart of good business practices. And that’s something I can learn from the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

My mantra/coin phrase as a fiction author is: “Always dream big.” That’s what Dr. King told us to do. To dream big about the future while we discover how to change the world and its bad practices.

So, whether you’re a business owner, manager, employee, stay-at-home-mom/dad, student…whatever you do as a vocation…I’d like to encourage you to dream big and take some time today to reflect on lessons you can learn from Martin Luther King, Jr. and how you can implement them into your every day life. Enjoy the day and create some amazing opportunities for yourself and your fellow man.

Image via Flickr Creative Commons.

Image via Flickr Creative Commons.

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