Teaser Tuesday: The Wrong Fairy Tale

Hey, everyone! This week, I am hoping to get through edits of my up-and-coming second book, The Wrong Fairy Tale! Super excited to share it with everyone, and let readers know what has been happening to the characters from my first book, Feast Island.

Since I am nearing completion of TWFT, I wanted to share another teaser with you all. It has a new character, Queen Eliri, in it. Click HERE to view a picture of the Queen (at least, how I picture her) on Pinterest. Hope you enjoy!

The Wrong Fairy Tale Teaser

The golden plate on her wall began to ripple, drawing Queen Eliri out of her thoughts. Diegen was always prompt with their meeting times. It was the only thing she could expect from him.

“Lord Diegen, what a pleasure,” she said, sounding bored.

“Eliri, there is no need to lie; let us do without the formalities. I am very busy, so tell me why you have summoned me.” His eyes were glossy, and it was hard to remember what his face looked like if she were not looking right at it.

The Queen cleared her throat, trying to find the strength to confront him. “It has come to my attention that you have lied to me.”

“Accusations this early in the morning? Please, enlighten me.”

“You promised me power—greater power than what I already had possessed. And yet, my power is waning. We made a deal and you have not upheld it.” Now, she was irate and only felt anger rather than fear, although she was facing a being so powerful, he could kill her from thousands of miles away.

Diegen’s face began to morph into sharper lines and angles; his pupils started to expand, bleeding into his irises and eradicating all the blue color. Had Eliri been able to see his fingers, she would have witnessed their transformation into very long and bony extensions that had just a thin layer of skin left on them.

Suddenly, Eliri found it hard to breathe. Her veins felt constricted, and when she looked at her hands, she saw that her fingertips were swelling and becoming red. Her tongue ballooned, and she couldn’t think clearly. However, she managed to use what power she still did possess and fought back against Diegen’s display of control over her. When she thought she could no longer hold him at bay, he released his hold on her. The Queen coughed and wheezed as she gulped much needed air.

“So you do have power after all. Enough power to resist me.” His eyes became a cool blue once more, and his features relaxed back to their normal state.

“My people are losing their power and you have weakened me,” she rasped, rubbing the front of her neck.

“On the contrary, my Queen, you are responsible for that. I promised you power, and so you shall have it—when our deal is fulfilled, and so long as you behave. You, of all beings on Cantelia, should know that when the balance of any land is disturbed, there are consequences. If you do not have enough resources to restore the balance yourself, then you should have thought about such things before making promises to me. Have I made myself clear?”

“You have made yourself extremely clear,” Eliri spat, mustering all the strength she had in order to stand tall.

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