June 2014 Update

I’ve been silent here for too long; my apologies. But those of you who have been keeping up with me on social media know that I am living abroad this summer, which is kind of a big deal. Hence, the silence here. However, I actually got up at a decent hour this morning and have some time to write blog posts before burying myself in editing work. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Last month, I went to Scotland and loved it! You can check out my travel posts by clicking on the TRAVEL tag on this blog.
  • My business, HelaWrite, is booming! I have some new clients, and have also partnered with Cosby Media Productions as their Chief Editor. It’s an understatement to admit that I’m very busy. But hey, being busy for a freelancer=much-needed moola. This year alone, I’ve edited 7 books, and just cracked open the 8th yesterday!
  • My 2nd book, coming out this summer, is nearing the end of edits with my editor. (YES, even editors need their own editor!) There were some funny mistakes I made in the book that made my editor laugh. I’m glad I could be a viable source of entertainment for her. Also, I’m looking forward to her notes. She highly praised this book, as well as my writing. Self-esteem=raised.
  • I’ve slowly been updating my websites and social media presence. When you’re a one-woman-show, it’s quite a task! By the time everything is “updated,” it’ll be time to update again. Sigh. The never-ending battle of us indie authors. 🙂
  • I now understand a good amount of Spanish! Yay! I mean, it’s rather important since I live in Spain, ya know? I’ve been making new friends here, and teaching them English as well. It’s easy to take being a native English speaker for granted until you go to countries where just about everyone is eager to learn it. It’s a great way to make friends.
  • I began writing another book (or maybe 3!). Yes, that’s quite a number, but I WILL finish them, even if it takes me 20 years. Escaping to the other side of the world has done me lots of good. I have more quiet time here, and living in paradise proves to be an every day inspiration.

Well, I think that’s the bulk of my life. And seriously, go check out my travel posts. I’m trying to be better about updating it, especially with all the gorgeous photos I have. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Until next time… xx

PS: Here’s a teaser from my travels:

IMG_5525 - Version 2

View from King Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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