Teaser Tuesday!

I’m in the middle of promoting my re-release, Feast Island, but didn’t want to leave out book two (which is more than halfway finished!): The Wrong Fairy Tale. So, I thought a Teaser Tuesday would be appropriate. I’m expecting to release book two early next year. It is so much fun and my characters find themselves in a new land with new challenges–I hope that sounds intriguing! 😉 Without further ado, I present a teaser, featuring everyone’s favorite mean girl, Keira:

“I thought our trip here last year was a one time deal. What are we doing back? Did I really have to be ‘chosen,’ too? The Prophecy says only six people are supposed to help save this stupid planet, not seven. Where’s that spirit guide guy?” she complained. Yeah, Keira was not happy or pleased with our journey back to Cantelia, the planet that we had visited a year ago.

“So many questions, so many complaints. The Queen will not appreciate such a demanding and dismal attitude,” Ethalo said to her with disapproval. “All will be revealed in time, but at the present moment, we must head for the safety of the village of my people—the Alfara.”

I almost shouted, “Yeah! You tell her!” but was too tired to say anything. Keira’s only response was a glare. She folded her arms and lifted one eyebrow so high, I thought it would take flight off her face. I would have giggled had I the energy to do so. Her expression formed into a “what are you gonna do about it” kind of look, and her anger could be felt in the air like a thick fog.

If Pouty Princess had already decided to rear her ugly disposition at this point on our adventure, I grimaced at the thought of what the rest of our time on Cantelia would look like.

Ethalo held his ground and pushed back. “Miss Keira,” he addressed her with cold authority. “You can very well choose to be stubborn over being safe. I will not ignore your wishes. However, I will not ignore your companions, and I believe they all want food and shelter for the evening.
“We will depart now and you can remain here if you decide that is best for you. I’m sorry to say that I can offer no further protection from the night creatures, so perhaps I can at least be gracious by offering my sword to you for protection?”

If my arms and hands weren’t numb, I would have clapped.

“You’ve got to be joking,” she said, in her most princess-esque tone.

“I never joke about offering someone my sword,” he replied collectedly. “You have to the count of five to decide. Are the rest of you prepared?”

Everyone nodded his or her head, and I did a half nod. My eyelids were drooping and now my torso seemed to be losing feeling. What was wrong with me? I tried to get Ethalo’s attention, but my mouth felt so heavy and I couldn’t form any words.

“Fine,” Keira huffed. “Let’s go, Mr. Elf.” An elf! That’s what he reminded me of!

“I am not an elf, I am an Alfari. Come, let us go.”

Just then, he turned to me and his cat eyes were opened wide. “Alex, you look…”

But I’ll never know how that statement ended, because I passed out for the second time that day. Go me.

For those curious enough to wonder how I imagine my characters’ appearances, I’ve begun a Pinterest board where I’ve shared some ideas. Here’s the link if you’d like to visit: http://www.pinterest.com/helachick/spirit-lake-series/



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