What I’ve Learned: A Guest Post by Tamar Hela

I’ve been featured on the blog of the lovely Jordanna East. Check out the post!


What I’ve Learned Since Publishing My First Novel

Writing a book is like preparing for a talent show with an audience of thousands. You think you’re really good—you have this idea, this dream, that you want to share with the world and you think to yourself: Hell yeah, I’m good enough! So you craft your “baby,” say no to hanging out with your friends and cute guys, stay up way past your bed time, and try to meet your word count by participating in the largest boot camp for writers: NaNoWriMo. Then it’s done. You do some of your own edits, hire someone else to do major edits, and maybe have some beta readers catch random mistakes. Finally, you feel it’s ready for release. You throw a big party, everyone and their mom’s uncle’s parakeet comes, you make some immediate sales, and you feel like Macklemore scoring a sweet deal…

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