My Brain Doesn’t Work, But I’m Grateful!

Well, my brain does still work, but not in the normal high capacity that I’m used to. See, I’ve been putting the final touches on my novel the past several days: major edits, a few rewrites, and the dreaded formatting. That’s one F word I’d like to forget. Nevertheless, I am so grateful and blessed that I have a published novel coming out in the next few weeks. It’s all pretty surreal.

What’s next? The next novel, of course! But not just yet. No, I have plenty of things to keep me occupied in the meantime. I do have an idea for a memoir, and we’ll see how much of that I can finish this summer. I will also be certified to teach natural health/medicine very soon and am looking forward to seeing what that endeavor brings.

And, oh yeah–I’m managing a musician. =) What exactly does that mean? A summer (hopefully) full of travel and gigs. Thank goodness I have an actual assistant who is helping me manage my own author signings/events/media. What would I do without her? Probably crumble. I’m great at being a support system for others, but when it comes to me, it’s like I need to business coach myself! I’m sure many people can relate to that.

My final term of undergrad began this past Monday. I’m taking four classes, which = 12 units. Think I’m insane? You’re right; I am. At least I graduate in July!

Anyway, stay on the lookout for my book. My poem is already out in the anthology: Live Life: The Daydreamer’s Journal, which is very exciting. My website launched last week, too: It’s still a work-in-progress, but hey, it’s functional. I have my hands in quite a few cookie jars at the moment…I’m hoping it all pays off–and soon! I really hope that my brain starts to function normally, because I would much rather write funny, interesting blog posts than just an update.



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