The Honest Teacher

Well, guess what this week was? Teacher Appreciation week! Kinda lame that we only get a week, but hey, I’ll take it! I got some really great treats and surprises from my students but that’s not what it’s about for me. No, I enjoy their notes and their giddiness while delivering my gift. After all, I don’t care how far we’ve come as a society; kids say the darnest things and they always will!

I recently gave my students a survey regarding the last academic quarter and asked for their thoughts, etc., basically giving them a chance to “grade” me. If you’re a teacher and you don’t have a teachable spirit/attitude, then I’m sorry to tell you: you’re in the wrong field. While reading through some of these precious, honest answers, I was deeply affirmed AND greatly entertained. Some of the things these kids write…well, I’ll share them with you because you’d have to see it to believe it. I will also share what I’d love to say in response if I could. Ha!

Questions (from me): How can I improve as an instructor? Is there anything I can do to help you be more successful in this class?

Answers (from students):

1. “You’re already a good teacher—I have an A.”  So…I’m a good teacher only because you have a passing grade? Wow; good to know.

2. “Have mercy and let me turn things in to get my grade up…but now it’s too late.” Yeah, you missed the boat on that one dear. It’s called life; you don’t get ten years to do something you’re supposed to do on a weekly basis.

3. “Not really sure.” Hmm…I’m not really sure about you, either.

4. “Nothing at all! I think you are a wonderful teacher, but you should rap more—you’re FANTASTIC!” Cute. And yes, one of my hidden talents is making up raps for my students to memorize things.

5. “You’re such an amazing teacher, you can’t improve.” A.K.A. you didn’t want to really think about giving me a substantial answer. Ha! This child also drew me an alien ship abducting a stick figure, right in the “additional comments” section.

6.  “Gimme the answers.” The answers to what? Life? The quizzes? Your homework? Sketchy…

7. “You are good enough.” Oh really? Because that sounds mediocre and I don’t strive for mediocrity. This child put a large smiley face in the “additional comments”.

8. “You are cool!” Umm…thanks? THIS child wrote, “I want pickles!” in the comments section. I don’t know if I will acquiesce to this request.

9. “Give me a hug.” Uhh…maybe.

10. “Meh.” Well, meh to you too.

Those are my top 10. Pretty funny, right? I can’t even begin to comprehend what goes on in their brains. I was a strange junior higher myself, but I don’t know that I thought the way kids do today—at least, in the case of my students. However, I absolutely adore them all and wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. Here’s to all my silly students and fellow teachers out there. Keep plowing through and find the humor and blessings in every day.

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2 thoughts on “The Honest Teacher

  1. I couldn’t resist reading this post as a fellow teacher! Too funny . . . I also give my students the chance to grade me each quarter and they LOVE it! The most common area I fail is having a clean desk, lol. Thanks for the blog follower, and I followed back:-)


    • HAHA! Good thing I mostly kept a neat desk. This is my first year NOT teaching after 9 years, and I miss those little thing from the students that make you laugh. Thank you for reading, commenting, and following back!! 🙂


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