Author Interview, Cover Reveal, & Giveaway: J.F. Jenkins

This week, I have the pleasure of interviewing an author from my writing group, J.F. Jenkins. She has a few books published and is revealing the cover of one of her latest novels, Heritage in her Vala series. Read below to find out about the awesome giveaway, her books, and her writing process:

Giveaway Rules

J.F. Jenkins is doing a giveaway in honor of her cover reveal: an eBook copy of one of the books she has written and published–winner’s choice. How exciting is that?! All you have to do is like or comment on this blog post or on one of the Facebook links to this blog post. You can also reply or re-tweet to one of MY tweets about this post to be entered (@helagirl). We will keep track of likes, comments, and tweets and will draw a name, at random, on the date of the next cover reveal: 4/18/12. You only need to like, comment, or tweet once; there will be NO multiple entries. If you have further questions about the giveaway rules, please contact Tamar Hela at: Good luck!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself—what’s your background and how did you become a writer?

I’m from Minnesota. I’ve been writing for a long time. I started with dorky, silly stories and just sort of went from there.

2. What is the genre in which you write?

I write in a bunch of different genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Young Adult, Contemporary, and a whole lot of others.

3. What is the book you recently published? What is it all about?

Most recently I published a book called Battlefield. Here’s the synopsis:

Cadence, JD, and Orlando couldn’t be more different from one another. Under normal circumstances, the three wouldn’t so much as say hi to each other if they could get away with it. Then, an alien crashes through the roof of their local mall, and everything changes. Not only do the three teens gain new abilities, but they’re also chosen to help fight in an intergalactic war where the next chosen battlefield is Earth.

Reluctant at first, they change their minds when the fight hits close to home. Teenagers from school start to go missing, and some are dead. Together, they must learn to work together and solve the mystery behind these disappearances before more lives are lost.

4. Have you published or written any other works?

I have; the following is a list of other books I have out right now:

The Dragon’s Saga:
Legend of the Oceina Dragon
Legend of the Inero Dragon


5. Name your top three favorite characters you’ve made up and explain why they’re your favorites.

Orlando: He’s from Battlefield, I love him because he’s witty, bratty/spoiled, and has a really complicated history that explains why he is all of those things.

Tellah: My villain from an unpublished project who oozes of evil. His motivations are unlike most bad guys: not interested in greed or power. He does things for the sole satisfaction of watching other people suffer.

Teague: He’s from “Vala” and he’s dumb as a brick—which makes him interesting to write. He’s also got some curious psychological conditions, making him fun to work with too. Plus, how everyone else reacts to his stupidity is fun as well.

6. Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

All the time! I can’t do much outside of continually writing. It’s hard, but pushing through it works better than waiting for inspiration to strike again. Sometimes I just pull a plot out of nowhere and roll with it.

7. How long did it take to finish your first novel?

A couple of years. It took some time to keep moving and continuing to write, as well as edit it and getting it to a point where I liked it.

8. What were the challenges you faced when getting your first book published?

Editing was a huge one. Lots of things needed to be fixed, etc. Another one was getting the story to flow right in a way that I liked, as well as my publisher liking it.

9. How do you market your work? What avenues have you found that work best for your genre?

I used Twitter and word of mouth. That’s about all it took for me. I haven’t invested in a lot of swag or ads just yet, but I’m hoping to change that soon.

10. What does your writing process “look” like?

I write out the whole book with as little editing as possible. My motto is: I can fix it later. It’s better for me to just get everything out at once. Then I go back and read it at once, fixing grammar errors, the wording of it, and check for inconsistencies which are easiest to do when I can look at the whole thing at once.

11. What projects are you currently working on?

Right now, I’m getting ready to write the third book in my Sci-Fi series “Battlefield” and then will finish writing for The Dragons Saga.

12.  What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

The toughest criticism comes from reviewers who decide to be harsh. But those usually aren’t criticisms. They’re mostly negative attacks, which I don’t consider to be the same as a critique. However, reading an attack on my work, as well as me as a writer, is never easy to do.

As for the best compliments? I think those are the ones from other writers who say: “I started doing this because of you”.  It makes me feel really good when I hear that.

13. What advice can you give to aspiring authors?

Keep working, keep pushing forward, and finish your work. Write because you love it, and don’t try to write something popular for the sake of being popular.

14. When can we expect to see another publication of your work?

Very soon! I’m in the process of finishing my next book in the Vala series, Heritage. It’s close to being done with its next round of edits.

15. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and readers?

Thank you for your support and hard work. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to keep working. 🙂

16. What’s a cool (or nerdy) fact about you that you’ll share with us?

My eyes are multiple colors.

17. What does your cover look like and who else has done a reveal for you?

Here’s a picture of the cover:

AND you can see it at: on the 18th as well. 🙂 Not to mention another giveaway too!

18. Finally, how can we find you? What are your social media sites and where can we purchase your book(s)?

Social Media:

Twitter: jfjenkinstweets
Email: jfjenkinswrites (at) gmail (dot) com

Buy My Books:


Barnes & Noble:

Astrea Press:

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