Teaser Tuesday: More Feast Island…

It’s Teaser Tuesday in author land, and I’d like to give you all another sneak peek into my soon-to-be-released novel, Feast Island. This is an excerpt from Chapter 6. Hope you all enjoy!

Diegen rested his limbs on the armrests of his chair and began to curl his pale and perfect fingers around their edges. A motion like that usually signaled displeasure and irritation, though to a greater degree than the emotions of anyone else. Today he was especially agitated because he knew there was something amiss in his kingdom but had yet to discover its origins and whereabouts. Nothing yet was displayed on the map but he knew there was something out there he wanted to harbor in his control. Whether it was a threat to his kingdom and ultimately his life was to be determined. As he tightened his grip, his fingers seemed to extend from their natural length and became more bony, jagged and translucent. They looked like they were at the mercy of a bad case of rheumatoid arthritis, with the exception of the almost visible power that flowed from even his fingernails. Shadows from his hood clouded his face but his eyes were shining like pools of tar. Indeed, his blue eyes were now slowly being overcome by the black color from his pupils. The whites of his eyes disappeared until there was only the glossy darkness, which had an animal-like appearance. He released his grip on the armrests with both hands and slowly pushed back his hood.

Evil often appears as a beautiful light before it entangles and crushes the soul and Diegen was no exception to that rule—especially because he was evil incarnate itself. Although his eyes had the power and capacity to paralyze anyone with fear, there was a deadness to them, making them appear to be ornate and rare gems. One would probably describe his features as average, but there was a type of hovering blur to them. There were no sharp angles, no truly defined features. There were no imperfections either. It was as if he could mold and shape his face at will—as if he could make one see what he wanted them to see: beauty rather than hideous evil; serenity rather than absolute hostility. His gaze slowly took in the lackey on his left. The slight squint of his eyelids was the sole indication of his anger, the rest of his face neatly arranged into a diplomatic and seemingly peaceful countenance.

“Don’t test my patience, Propus. You know what I think of the prophecies. They are trite and ridiculous fairytales that the Cantelians make up to gain their so-called “hope” that one day they can overthrow my rule—useless, empty words that have no weight. If you mention such things again, I will see to it that your tongue is ripped out so you may never utter an idiotic word again.”

–>Stay on the lookout for more updates and exciting news regarding my debut novel. I can’t wait until it is ready to be released to the public! Have a great Tuesday everyone. =)

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