Teaser Tuesday: Feast Island Sneak Peek

Here’s more from what I’m writing in my nearly completed novel, Feast Island. This is an excerpt from Chapter 5. Hope you enjoy!

I strained my eyes even more. There was something floating in the water, being pushed to the shore by the waves. The unmoving form wore Justin’s plaid jacket and was face down. Oh God, I pleaded internally. Please let him be okay! Daniel started to dart for the water, but Ben was faster. He tore off his wet shirt, all David Hasselhoff-ish, and jumped into the crashing waves, swimming like a…well, like a merman, I guess. (Ha ha.) He got to Justin in no time and brought him to a hysterical Daniel. I felt like I was watching an episode of Baywatch. We were all huddled around the lifeless, pale blue Justin as Ben felt for a pulse and listened for any signs of breathing. “Geoff, help Dan out, will ya?”

Daniel was like a screaming, psycho parent of an ER patient, getting in the way of emergency doctors and nurses trying to save their child. I couldn’t blame him for reacting that way though; I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same. Geoffrey held Daniel back, and the girls and I knelt down around Justin and Ben. Meanwhile, some of us pulled out our cell phones (at least those of us that hadn’t lost them in the whirlpool) and tried to call 9-1-1, even though we knew they were probably damaged. Yep, definitely was going to have to beg mom for a new phone. More importantly, I was hoping that Ben really knew what he was doing because Justin had less than minutes before possible brain damage or death. The thought made me feel queasy.

“He’s not breathing, so watch out guys and stay out of my way; I’m gonna have to perform CPR.” Ben’s tone was solemn and filled with authority. I guess he did know what he was doing after all. Well, this should be interesting…

I’ll post more next Tuesday. Have a great week everyone!

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