Something I Don’t Share Often: My Poetry

Being that today is Valentine’s Day, I thought it’d be appropriate to share some of my poetry. I recently found out that one of my poems, Hope, is going to be published in a book containing contributions from multiple authors. Proceeds from the sales will go towards cancer research and those putting the book together will also submit it to the Guinness World Record’s board to earn the title of “Book with the Most Contributing Authors”. I submitted my poem on a whim, not really sharing what I had done with anybody. This is out of character for me, since I love sharing things with people. But for some reason, I kept it quiet and now I have this great news to share with everyone. It feels good to be able to surprise even my family members with something I’ve accomplished. Below is my poem, soon to be published, that I will now share with those reading this post:


by Tamar Hela

Dreams are a tinge of evidence that

Hope exists, but is unaware beyond its existence

As we go through trials, we fantasize

Knowing only what we were taught, which was to


The last poem I will share today is something I wrote in high school. It’s about love–or rather, the cynical side of love. Hope you enjoy!

Waiting For Love

 By Tamar Hela

Love is so strange.

It makes one act in a funny way.

Blind devotion to the one they love,

While secretly stumbling aimlessly.

Sure, it will never happen to you,

But are you for certain?

Leading one on like a hypnotist

Always allowing pain to come in.

Why do you torment yourself?

In careless anticipation you wait,

Hoping someday they’ll be yours.

Even brambling blind men can boast of time better spent.

With the rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat of their walking stick.

They lead themselves to a destination,

Whereas love is spent in anticipation.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Thanks for reading my poetry. I wish you all the best in life and love.


Tamar  xoxo

2 thoughts on “Something I Don’t Share Often: My Poetry

  1. Beautiful.
    I have a wish to send you my high school song called “Love”.
    Since I am not native English speaker, this is going to be a bold try to convert my song in another language. It has a certain rhyme that I am not going to try to achieve in English version.
    So here it is (translating while typing):

    Love is dawning for two,
    when all the magical colors merge.
    Love, a pair of swallows on a branch,
    sadness and loneliness, unknown feelings to them.
    Love is that special glow in your eye,
    and your heart reach for the sun, higher and higher.
    Love asks: “What is time?”
    Its form knows no boundaries.
    Love themes are most beautiful,
    fulfill with meaning every life’s page.
    Love is like the beauty of Venus,
    which mischievously circle through my thoughts.
    Love, the greatest secret,
    that everyone knows, but will not understand
    until they boldly sail the river of eternal happiness.
    My divine faerie will reveal it to me,
    my shining loving star,
    that shine it’s worm light down on all my feelings,
    whispered me gently
    that Love is my dear
    you and me.

    Now, that i finished the translation, I am fairly happy with it.
    Would like very much to hear what you think?
    Be free to give an honest opinion.

    ❤ ❤ ❤


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