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Good with Electronics and your Hands–Train as an Appliance Repair Technician

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Good with Electronics and your Hands? Train as an Appliance Repair Technician

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When you love everything electronic, handle wiring deftly, and like taking things apart to fix them up, then the job of an Appliance Repair Technician is right up your street.

Along with computers, there are plenty of appliances that run using circuit boards, power supplies, and machine parts to perform a task like washing clothes, drying them, or cooling down a hot room. And when they break, the repair technician comes to the rescue.

Here are a few things to know about an Appliance Repair Technicians’ job.

What is an Appliance Repair Technician?

You’ll be responsible for repairing other people’s appliances. This could be working for a repair store that provides a full-service repair for customers who come in through the door. In other cases, major appliance suppliers or manufacturers like GE Appliances regularly employ people to work on their appliances that have been sold under warranty.

To perform the duties, you should be able to work in cramped conditions at times, getting into places on a machine at different heights, not be afraid to get your hands dirty, stay organized and work unsupervised. Often, there will be a work van with a litany of different spare parts so that you’ll have everything needed to fix the appliance on a call out to the owner’s residence or business.

Photo by Dana Vollenweider on Unsplash

What Qualifications Do You Need?

Most employers want to see either a high school diploma or a GED completed post-high school. You should also hold a CFC/EPA certificate which covers technicians dealing with all aspects of refrigerant-based appliances. This is because of the possibility of refrigerants being inadvertently released into the atmosphere if the repair is completed poorly or the dead appliance being disposed of improperly. Also, employers with a call out service require repairs to have a valid driving license too.

What Salary Can You Earn?

The Appliance Technician Salary varies from employer to employer. There are managerial positions when covering a team of technicians and organizing their service calls. Most appliance repair people get paid by the hour. Rates differ based on experience, the equipment they can repair successfully, and their location.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that as a range, appliance repairers make from $9.98 an hour up to $25.95 per hour in the top 10 percent. Household appliance repairers who go to call outs tend to make more than those who work for a repair store. The benefits packages also vary from employer to employer and are an important consideration for people in this line of work because health benefits are so costly.

Working as an appliance repairer is a good recession-proof job because when the washing machine breaks down, most people don’t like to go to the laundromat to get their laundry done.

Similarly, when the summer heat is on and the AC unit conks out, the owner wants to try to get it fixed before they melt! Therefore, the work tends to be quite steady over time.

Also, with the advent of homeowners sometimes buying cheaper, imported appliances with low-quality parts that break more easily, the total repair flow is high enough to keep many appliance repairers in the area pretty busy.

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