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A Very Literary Move: How To Move House When You’re A Book Person

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Let’s face it: book people are the absolute best kind of people. Imaginative and creative, people who like to disappear into brand new worlds between the pages of their favorite books are interesting to talk to and often a lot more empathetic than most other people. But there’s one problem with being a book person, and that is the sheer amount of books that you probably own.

We all love to look at our beautifully arranged shelves, whether you do it alphabetically or by genre or by the color of the spine, but what happens when you plan to move house? Here are some tips to help book lovers through their moves…


Be Careful With Containers


First of all, you need to be careful about what containers you pack books in. They can be pretty heavy, which means that you need containers that are much stronger than plastic bags or rickety cardboard boxes. Plastic crates can be a great idea, as can wooden boxes. You should also consider using any container that has handles, so that you can lift it up easily without being worried that it’ll fall out of your hands.

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Watch Out For Weight


One thing that you’re probably already aware of is that books are heavy, especially big coffee tables books or books of photography or densely packed long tomes with thin paper. That means that when you’re carrying bags and boxes of books around during your move, you need to be very careful that you don’t injure yourself.

While you’re packing, make sure that you test the weight of each container – you could always just fill the boxes halfway before topping them up with lighter items like clothes. Make sure that you lift up the boxes using your knees rather than your back.

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Hire Professional Movers


One good tip for moving is to hire the professionals. Look online for companies like My Bekins who really know what they’re doing and can advise you on the best ways to pack before doing all the hard work for you. They’ll also be much more used to handling heavy objects than you may be.

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Pack In Order


If you like to keep your books in a certain order, make sure that you pack them in that way and that you label the boxes carefully – for instance, which shelf they belong on, or which genre they are. That means that unpacking will be a whole lot easier as you won’t have to rearrange all of them in your new home.

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Make Sure You Prioritize


Finally, make sure you prioritize in your move. It can be tempting to focus on your favorite things, such as alphabetizing your favorite murder mystery novels as you put them on the shelves, but if you’re completely honest, rooms like the kitchen and bathroom are much more important to sort out first. Get the boring stuff over quickly so that you can focus on rearranging your books – and who knows, you might find some old favorites while you’re at it.

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