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The Best Approach To Promoting Your Writing

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As a writer, you need to quickly learn how to sell yourself, especially if you are keen on building a career out of your craft. When you are first starting out in trying to get your name out there, it can be quite daunting. Not only because you usually have so much competition, and it is hard to know how to make yourself known or seen.

However, at some point, it becomes necessary to not worry about others so much and just focus on promoting yourself and your writing as best as you can. As it happens, there are a number of key approaches to promoting your writing, and they are all worth a go.



You need to have a web presence if you want to be known as a writer; it’s that simple. But the nature of that web presence is something which you might well have trouble molding into the right form. If that sounds like you, don’t worry; you are far from being alone. Everyone struggles when it comes to knowing how to present yourself online.

The most important thing here is that you get some hosting for a domain and build a website for you and your writing. This can be a static vanity page, a click-through portfolio of your recent and best work, or pretty much whatever else you think might work. Set it up, keep it updated, and draw people to it at every opportunity.

Writing Circles

If you are not yet part of a writing circle, you might want to ask yourself why. Many successful and serious writers are members of writing circles, and the promotional benefits of them are long known. Generally, such groups have plenty of opportunity for allowing you to promote your work – and when those chances arise, you should make the most of them that you possibly can.

Wherever you live, there is probably a writing circle near you, so be sure to make the most of that communal feel. Join up, and you will notice what a benefit you can get from such a group almost immediately. If you find it is not useful enough, there is no obligation and you can always leave again – but that is unlikely to happen.


Word Of Mouth

There is a reason that even huge multinational businesses still rely on word of mouth to carry out a large quantity of their marketing: it works. If you are not already “bigging” yourself up when you talk to others, you should seriously think about it.

No matter what, you will find that this makes a huge difference regarding how soon your work is spread and how many people know about you, so make sure that you carry out word of mouth promotion whenever you possibly can. It’s easy, enjoyable and free of charge, and people generally don’t mind you doing it either. There really is no harm in it, and it just might be the one core practice that sets your writing career well on the way to huge success.


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