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September 2017

Think A Career In Finance Is Dull? Think Again

Pic Source   Most people think accounting is a boring career choice, or that working with numbers in general is boring. After all, if you surveyed kids about the subjects they hated the most in school, most would almost definitely say Math. However, your assumptions about accounting might be completely incorrect. You’re about to discover […]

Freelance Editors: Survive And Thrive By Doing These Things

Thriving as a freelance editor in today’s competitive market is a reality that you can make happen. To do this, you have to know some of the essential tricks of the trade—ones that will allow you to not only survive in today’s competitive market but go beyond this and achieve the success you are looking […]

Manage The Costs Of Your New Website

Pic Link Credit   We’ve talked before about some of the costs of starting an online business before, and concluded that while there were definitely some large costs involved, it was manageable for most people. In fact, you can start your own online business for around nine thousand which isn’t too much at all. The problem […]

Interview: Vahe Arabian @ State of Digital Publishing & Seek An Audience

Happy Monday, readers! It’s been a while since I’ve interviewed someone in the business (publishing), and Vahe Arabian actually reached out to me first to be featured as a digital publishing expert in an interview on his site. You can read my interview by clicking HERE. And since I felt so honored, I wanted to […]

Getting Legal When You Work With Words For A Living

Image Source In the modern world, many of us are opting to make our living through words. At one time, the only way to do this was through traditional publishing or journalism. Now, the ways in which we can use words to make a living seem unlimited. Traditional publishing and journalism are, of course, still […]

Climbing The Ladder: Is Your Search Ranking Holding Your Business Back?

Think about how often you use a search engine when you’re online. As a single consumer in a giant marketplace, the role of a search engine can be incredibly important, so consider how valuable a high ranking could be for your business. Did you know that today, Google alone will carry out around 3.5 billion […]

Running an Effective Marketing Campaign in the Current Marketplace

Photo Source   In a marketplace that is currently saturated with emerging brands vying for attention, it can be extremely difficult to make a name for yourself. After all, customers can find it difficult to differentiate between promising new brands and the endless business ventures that generally call things quits a few months in. They […]

B2B Trends You Need to Follow Today

Image From Pixabay   When it comes to trends in business, they are always changing. New ones are constantly appearing within the corporate world, and what was once thought of the traditional way to do something can very quickly be forgotten. This is especially the case with B2B (business to business) trends. In fact, here […]