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June 2017

Is College Really Worth It?

When my parents were young, people usually went to college for a specific reason. They needed a certain degree to pursue the career that they wanted. Nowadays, things are very different, and the education system seems to be trying to push every single high school graduate into a four-year college. To some extent, there is […]

The Costs of Starting an Online Business

A lot of budding entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming that running an online business will be cheap. Sure, you might save a lot on overhead, but there are still plenty of costs you need to consider. Wikimedia   Hosting   This is usually the first cost that people think of when they’re thinking of […]

Integrating Cloud Applications Into Your Business Model

Making money is a lot easier when there are multiple streams of revenue coming into your business. However, getting those revenue streams can prove tricky if you aren’t a hundred percent sure how to monitor, maintain and grow them. If you diversify too much, then it can quickly lead to problems with spreading your resources […]

Why Your Communication Skills Are Uber Important

Having amazing communication skills is one of the most important things you’ll work on in business. Whatever position you’re in, ensuring nobody misunderstands you is a must. You want everybody to be on the same page. Here are a few reasons why your communication skills are so important:   Employee Morale And Satisfaction Keeping up […]

The Secrets To Customer Happiness In The Modern Business World

Picture Source   If all businesses could click their fingers and make potential customers happy then there’d be no competition in business; or there’d be intense competition, depending on how you interpret that. The point is that the mark of a successful business is one which has figured out how to make their clients happy […]

Business Privacy For The Modern World

Privacy is one of the biggest buzzwords at the minute in business. Now that most businesses operate online, entrepreneurs need to make sure that all of their digital and online data and sensitive information stays safe and secure. Otherwise, it could all be stolen during a security breach or hacker attack. Pexels   It’s not […]

Growing Your Business Through Strategic Planning

One of the most important things you should learn about your business is how to grow it. Many great businesses have fallen in the past due to their inability to adapt to market changes or consumer interests. Failing to adapt is one of the fastest ways to kill your business, and that failure is usually […]

Think Off-page: Unique Gifts for Bibliophiles

Image credit   We all love books. It’s not just their ability to transport us to new worlds, or how they can stir a range of emotions and the technical prowess of their verse. It’s the heft, the smell, the tactile pleasure of turning the pages, seeing them arranged proudly on our shelves—a “this is […]