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May 2017

A Very Literary Move: How To Move House When You’re A Book Person

Let’s face it: book people are the absolute best kind of people. Imaginative and creative, people who like to disappear into brand new worlds between the pages of their favorite books are interesting to talk to and often a lot more empathetic than most other people. But there’s one problem with being a book person, […]

The Best Approach To Promoting Your Writing

As a writer, you need to quickly learn how to sell yourself, especially if you are keen on building a career out of your craft. When you are first starting out in trying to get your name out there, it can be quite daunting. Not only because you usually have so much competition, and it […]

3 Secrets To Ecommerce Success

Image from Pixabay   The ecommerce explosion in recent years has made entrepreneurship far more accessible than it has been in times gone by, and many people who never thought they’d own a business are turning that attitude around. If you finally feel ready to quit your day job, and make the leap into becoming […]

Why Don’t Customers Care About Your Website?

At this point, the idea of a business not having a website probably seems pretty ridiculous. What was once only really the realm of incredibly successful, or very specific, businesses, is now the standard method through which the vast majority of customers find new businesses. Thanks to search engines like Google, customers no longer use […]

The Killer Tactics That Will Give Your Customer Base A Boost

Are you a new business just starting out, or perhaps an older business that has, all of a sudden, noticed a drop in customers? Whichever it is, if your business is lacking customers, you need to do something about it. Without a solid customer base, your chances of success are low. The question is, of course: how […]

Critical Questions To Ask Before Investing In IT

via   Investing in IT systems is pretty much a given for modern businesses. However, it’s not as simple as looking in a catalog and choosing something that looks nice – you need to take a slow and steady approach before you line up a system that matches your direct business needs. Let’s take a […]

Tips to Keep IT Projects Under Control

Image source Most modern businesses rely—at least to some extent—on IT infrastructure, and since technology changes so rapidly, it is only a matter of time before any company has to think about upgrading their IT systems. This can be a very frustrating process, particularly when costs and the length of the projects run over. If […]

Five Ways to Make Your Website More Trustworthy

Despite the fact that so many of us shop online today, we are still skeptical regarding where we spend our money. This is something that has got even worse due to the abundance of cyber attacks and phishing scams hitting the news. Because of this, it is so important to create a website that is […]

Wear Your Business Wherever You Go

When you first start a business, you have to commit. There’s no point doing things half-heartedly. At the start, everything you can do to promote your business and get it established increases the chances of survival. Experts recommend that entrepreneurs spend at least an hour a day on promotion and getting the word out about […]

10 Killer Tips To Make Your Start-up A Success

Perhaps you are launching a new business now that you have left college or you are putting together a sideline to earn you some cash to get you through your studies. Whatever the reason for launching your enterprise, you will need it to get off the ground pretty quickly and you won’t have time to […]