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April 2017

Great Product Idea? Here’s What You Do Now

Wikimedia   What is an entrepreneur? To many, it’s simply an individual who organizes and manages a given enterprise, building it up using their own initiative and taking on considerable risk. Others would prefer to use the term to define people who actually create something and then build a business off the back of their […]

How To Better Your Competitor In Any Industry

Succeeding in the business world is no easy feat. You have to not only impress customers but do so in a way which overshadows any competition you may be facing on a small, local basis or a huge, global scale. It’s a tense and brutal business world, but the key to bettering your competitor doesn’t […]

Building A Career Is Not The Same As Jobseeking

This isn’t a look at how you find a job. This is a look at how you turn a job into a career and make sure that you’re always on the right path. It’s easy to get complacent and find yourself rooted to one phase of your life for too long. But it’s not acceptable. […]

Accelerate your Accounting

Image Source   Running your own business comes with a lot of freedoms. But it also has its pitfalls – one being having to be in charge of all your own bookkeeping. For those that don’t have a head for figures, keeping your accounts organized can be a real chore. However, there are ways of […]

Unveiling The Glamor On The Writing World?

So, you want to be an author? You aren’t alone. Writing scores high on most desirable jobs lists. More people than you could count send manuscripts to agents each day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to arrive at your computer each day and weave magical creations? In truth, though, there’s a lot more to being an […]

Connection Perfection: Essential Networking Tips

Wikimedia   You’ve probably already heard some variation on the phrase “it’s not what you know; it’s who you know” during your time in business. While this is exaggerated to some extent – even the most well-connected people won’t get too far if they’re completely unoriginal and clueless – it’s still worth remembering just how […]

Smash the Salary Ceiling!

Max Pixel   Wages haven’t exactly been increasing at a great rate over the past couple of decades, though the cost of living seems to have been rising quite a lot during the same time period. Of course, the rich seem to have been getting richer, so it can be quite easy to get bitter […]

Essential Business Elements (That Startups Keep Forgetting)

Flickr   You have a lot to think about when you’re starting up a business, so you could be forgiven for forgetting a few important elements. But there are certainly some business elements out there that most business owners don’t seem to pay any attention to at all. This may be because their significance is […]

Face-Off: Knowing Your Customers In A Faceless World

Image Source   We’re living in a world where, for the most part, we are faceless. You can work in the same company as somebody and recognize their sign-off to an email more so than you would recognize what they look like. We are hidden behind screens and let our fingers do the talking. With […]

From Blogging To Business And Beyond

Picture Location   If you are working to become a professional blogger, you have to remember that it’s not just about the writing. Writing great, thoughtful content is definitely part of your role, but you have to remember that a blog isn’t just a website—it’s a business. It needs to be treated like one, and […]