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Getting Translated? Here’s What You Need to Know

Image via Pixabay As a writer, you’re a wordsmith. A connoisseur of words. At least, in your own native tongue. But what do you do when your words need to be carefully traded for those of another language? Unless you’re lucky enough to be multilingual, you’ll need a translator. Whether you’re a business writer breaking […]

How Technology Made its Impact on Business Communication

How Technology Made Its Impact on Business Communication Guest Post by David Webb   Nowadays, business communication has not only become faster, but more reliable as well. We no longer use carrier pigeons to relay our messages across great distances. Instead, we use communication software such as Skype and Viber to contact people in real-time […]

Why Your Communication Skills Are Uber Important

Having amazing communication skills is one of the most important things you’ll work on in business. Whatever position you’re in, ensuring nobody misunderstands you is a must. You want everybody to be on the same page. Here are a few reasons why your communication skills are so important:   Employee Morale And Satisfaction Keeping up […]

Cut The Small Talk; It’s Time To Communicate

How much of the communication that happens in your business really gets the message across, and how much is noise? That’s the big question that we’re going to try and help answer here. Proper communication practice is essential in business. It saves time, it helps you solve problems better, it makes employees more engaged, it […]

Great Tools For Better Internal Communication

With the fast pace of business and media these days, it seems it’s harder than ever to get anyone’s attention. This applies not only to your marketing initiatives, but also the people who work for you. Without effective and reliable communication within your business, everything is going to suffer. Here, I’ve listed some of the […]