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Good Writers Pay Attention To These Major Elements

If you are a writer, or a budding writer, than you are probably aware that you’re stepping into a particularly competitive world. No matter what area of writing you are thinking of getting into, there are many other people just like you wanting to achieve exactly the same goals and dreams. Fortunately, it is relatively […]

Building A Career Is Not The Same As Jobseeking

This isn’t a look at how you find a job. This is a look at how you turn a job into a career and make sure that you’re always on the right path. It’s easy to get complacent and find yourself rooted to one phase of your life for too long. But it’s not acceptable. […]

Unveiling The Glamor On The Writing World?

So, you want to be an author? You aren’t alone. Writing scores high on most desirable jobs lists. More people than you could count send manuscripts to agents each day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to arrive at your computer each day and weave magical creations? In truth, though, there’s a lot more to being an […]

Ensure Your Promotion Runs Well With These Top Tips

Running a business promotion isn’t easy. You could be running one to launch your business with. Or perhaps you are running one to ensure a certain product line starts selling well. Maybe your sales have dropped and you are running one to try and pull them back up. There are all different kinds of reasons […]

Self Published? Promote Yourself!

Self publishing is now a popular and accessible way to get your work published. There are many positives to self publishing: you can decide everything about the book from the cover artwork, to the page size, to the lettering font, to the publication date. Compare this with a traditionally published writer, and you will have […]

Turn Your Idea For A Book Into A Business

If you have an idea for a book, chances are that you are really excited about the prospect of becoming a published author and joining the echelons of writers who are household names. You are dreaming of the royalty cheques streaming in, making you richer than you have ever been before, and find yourself daydreaming […]

Essential Web Design Tricks For Business Owners (Not Spiders)

Creating a website for your new company could take a long time without the right advice. You might get half way through the process, realize you made a mistake, and have to start again. It just doesn’t make sense to handle the task without expert assistance if you don’t have experience. So, the first thing […]

Ready to Launch? The Five Pillars of Small Business Ascendancy

Business success is not something that’s just going to be handed to you on a plate. And you’re probably not going to stumble across it by coincidence either. It takes a certain approach that encompasses a few essentials that you can’t afford to ignore. These are the things that will help your business find its […]

Building A Strong Reputation For Your First Book

Image Credit There are few moments more exciting in the writer’s life than just after you have published your first book. It is also a nerve-wracking time, however, as you are never quite sure just how it is going to go. Sales are not guaranteed, and it can be a challenge to figure out exactly […]

No More Worlds to Conquer – Building a World Beating Business

To paraphrase Hans Gruber in Die Hard: “Alexander saw the great range of his kingdom and wept tears. There were no more worlds to conquer.” Well, we would all love to be in Alexander the Great’s position, wouldn’t we? You need to focus on trying to develop a business that can conquer the world. But, […]