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The Art Of Seduction: Does Your Writing Engage And Enthrall?

With so many books and articles published every year, writers have had to up their game. It’s no longer enough to write something good; you have to seduce readers in a way that gets them intimately involved with your narrative. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing fiction or something else—seduction is the name of the […]

Think Off-page: Unique Gifts for Bibliophiles

Image credit   We all love books. It’s not just their ability to transport us to new worlds, or how they can stir a range of emotions and the technical prowess of their verse. It’s the heft, the smell, the tactile pleasure of turning the pages, seeing them arranged proudly on our shelves—a “this is […]

A Very Literary Move: How To Move House When You’re A Book Person

Let’s face it: book people are the absolute best kind of people. Imaginative and creative, people who like to disappear into brand new worlds between the pages of their favorite books are interesting to talk to and often a lot more empathetic than most other people. But there’s one problem with being a book person, […]