For the Love of Writing

     I couldn’t help but put a Ryan meme in this post; after all, my book is coming out soon and I would like to think that all my readers would use bookmarks while reading it. Wishful thinking, I know. But anyways, this post is really not about that; no, it’s actually about the love of writing.

I first fell in love with writing when I was in the fourth grade. I thought I’d take a stab at writing a novel. It was very dramatic and full of…absolute crap. After four chapters, I gave up. However, I was still in love with the art of storytelling and I loved to talk to people and share my life, my ideas, my imagination (and obviously, I still love to do the same eighteen years later). As I matured and was in a class with the most phenomenal English teacher of my life–my sixth grade teacher–I learned how to sharpen my writing skills and keep stories short and sweet. This helped to alleviate the overwhelming, self-assigned “task” of novel writing, causing me to fall in love with: the essay. Today, I’d like to share my first, real essay that I wrote in the sixth grade. It combines two of my favorite things: Disneyland and people-watching.

6th Grade Essay, 1995

By Tamar Hela

People See, People Do

            Do you enjoy viewing people doing silly things? Then Disneyland is the place for you! Just look at the adult’s and kid’s expressions when they hit thrilling rides! Laugh when children interact with the characters! Disneyland’s the best place to watch people.

Whether soaring through the air, or being transported from a tunnel to a mountain, people have intriguing countenances every time. They scream, opening their mouths as wide as a hippopotamus. While their hair flies up, their eyes triple in size as they anticipate the steep drop of Splash Mountain. Children, their small hands clutching the lever on Dumbo with all their strength to keep, they believe, him in the air, are the center attraction of Fantasy Land. One will never be bored waiting in line, if one watches people on rides.

Babies and toddlers go hysterical when they run to Toon Town to visit with the Disney characters. They’re so curious about the characters’ features, that they poke at Goofy’s nose, grab Mickey’s ears or touch Donald’s eyes, while Pluto stands exasperated as parents take picture after picture. Toddlers are very shy, sometimes, hiding behind their moms’ skirts, so only half of their heads appear. At other times, they scurry up to the characters and hug them or tell them something embarrassing. If you’re looking for some real entertainment, watch the kids in Toon Town.

The varied responses of the visitors bring as much brightness to Disneyland as the colors of the fireworks display. Like a cork popping out of a bottle, the children are explosive and excited. People-watching in Disneyland is well worth the price of admission.

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